Alec Baldwin, first interview after ‘Rust’: “I didn’t pull the trigger”

The actor on the set of the film shot and killed a person: “I didn’t pull the trigger”

“The trigger was not pulled. I didn’t pull the trigger“. Alec Baldwin speaks thus, in an interview that Abc News will broadcast tonight, after the death of the director of photography on the set of the movie ‘Rust’ in October. Halyna Hutchins died after being hit by a bullet from the prop gun Baldwin was using on set. “The trigger was not pulled,” says the actor in an interview with George Stephanopoulos. The reporter asked why the actor pointed the gun and pulled the trigger although the script did not foresee the gesture. “I would never point a gun at someone and I would never pull the trigger, ever,” Baldwin replied.

“Someone put a ‘live’ bullet in the weapon, a bullet that didn’t even have to be in the area,” says Baldwin using the adjective that defines a bullet capable of causing real damage. The star is moved when the conversation turns to the victim, Halyna Hutchins: “She was adored by everyone who worked with her, she was loved by everyone and admired. All this doesn’t seem real to me.” Is this the worst thing that ever happened to you? “Yes, I keep thinking about it. What could I have done?”.