Alec Ross: “130 billion investments in AI in 2024 insufficient”

The entrepreneur: “The State must free and not regulate innovation”

“Investments in artificial intelligence are not enough. In 2024, an estimated 130 billion dollars of investment in artificial intelligence is expected, 100 will come from two countries, China and the United States, the other 30 will come from other countries.” This was said today by Alec Ross, world best-selling author, entrepreneur and investor, who was an advisor to the State Department for innovation with Hillary Clinton and led technological policy for Barack Obama’s presidential campaign, speaking at inauguration of ‘FutureS’, a series of meetings organized by Sisal to stimulate discussion with key players on the issues that outline the future of the country.

“North Korea, China and Italy – he recalls – have blocked ChatGBt. The talents exist in Europe and specifically Italians, thanks also to the offers from universities, but we must create the conditions to invest in talents here, without creating the conditions whereby instead go abroad”.

On the relationship between innovation and regulation Ross explains that “the State must release but not regulate innovation”. “We must offer competition, keeping in mind that Italy is not stupid and has in its DNA how to invent the future. Therefore, we must not always look obsessively at others, like Google for example, because we have geniuses at home”, he concludes.