Alemanno and Rizzo on the pitch for ‘Independence’. And the former mayor wears a keffiyeh

The founding assembly of the new subject ends in Rome: “Alliance to win”. The mayor of Bethlehem is also there

An alliance for ‘Independence’ in the name of the Constitution “where there is also a trace of Giovanni Gentile”. An alliance “that can only lead us to victory”. Gianni Alemanno bets on the future of his new movement – ‘Indipendenza’ is precisely the name chosen – which signs the agreement in Rome with the former (?) communist Marco Rizzo. A new team whose symbol (with tricolor ribbon) and program was revealed yesterday by the former mayor of Rome and which could already be on the field at the next European elections. A ‘multipolar’ grouping that brings together former AN members, such as Fabio Granata and Marcello Taglialatela, former Casapound member Simone Di Stefano, Massimo Arlechino, also former AN and creator of the symbol. And people like Rizzo and Francesco Toscano, from the ‘Sovereign and Popular Democracy’ group. Cateno De Luca, mayor of Taormina, present in the room and among those present, also agrees. There is no shortage of a former Northern League member like the Venetian Vito Comencini, who promises his support for the “identity” battles.

At the table of the second and final day, dedicated to the Palestinian question, sits the mayor of Bethlehem, Hanna Hanania. She remembers the “20 thousand martyrs of Gaza, including many women and children, victims of the Israeli oppressor”. Her words trigger applause and also the chorus of those present at the Hotel Midas. ‘Free Palestine!, Free Palestine!’ is the refrain that rises from the audience, while Alemanno and his guests have just put on the keffiyeh, brought as a gift by the Palestinian politician. For Marco Rizzo too, the Palestinian battle is the common ‘battle’: “In a month in Gaza there have been more civilian deaths than in two years of war in Ukraine”, he says, admitting that it is “the theme of war and peace that ensures that we are together at this table”.

“We didn’t reach an agreement with Rizzo – assures Alemanno – but we said the same things. We had the courage to invite them, they to come. This is an investment that pays off in the end”, says Alemanno. “We want you united…”, they interrupt him from the audience, with applause of encouragement to the former mayor of Rome. “We wage common and transversal battles, we must bring the real problems to the attention of Italians”, he explains again on the agreement with the former communists. The ‘enemies’ are also common: Rizzo spares no attacks on Schlein, making fun of the color left, while Alemanno recalls how Meloni’s government is the most Atlanticist in history. “Meloni and Schlein say the same things about war and the economy, then they argue about stupid things”, adds the former Agriculture Minister, speaking of a unified mainstream “against which we must all fight together”.

The former communist refoundation outlines the programme: “We want an independent Italy that is not part of NATO and the EU, which is not under the dictatorship of the euro”. Criticism of the prime minister also comes from the former Venetian Northern League member, Vito Comencini, who goes so far as to label the Prime Minister as “Biden’s poodle, let me tell you…”.