Alessandra Amoroso, check the photo of years ago with Emma Marrone: difficult to recognize her with that look

Alessandra Amoroso in an old photo with Emma Marrone shared by Rudy Zerbi on Instagram: would you have recognized her with her hair like that?

Longtime friends and colleagues, Alessandra Amoroso and Emma Marrone they shared many moments together: in the photo of years ago published by Rudy Zerbi we see them very cute but certainly more ‘immature’. But what is striking is the look of Amoroso: with that hair she looks very different than now!

Alessandra Amoroso, check the photo of years ago with Emma Marrone: really difficult to recognize her with that look (Instagram)

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The two Salento singers have for years now become true stars of Italian music: millions of records sold, dozens and dozens of concerts that have seen them as protagonists, very popular on social networks, in short, two amazing careers started among the bugs of Friends.

Their success was in fact born in the most famous school in Italy which saw them triumph in two different editions: the Amoroso won the talent victory in 2009 while the Marrone in 2010.

The auditions to access the program conducted by De Filippi were the occasion of theirs first meeting: “At the auditions of Amici’s edition, which Alessandra later won, I was also there. Coming both from Salento, we immediately bonded ”, said Emma in an interview with Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni.

Alessandra Amoroso unrecognizable in an old photo with Emma Marrone: have you noticed the hair?

The two Apulian artists have duetted together more than once at the Sanremo Festival: it happened in 2012, when Emma won the festival with the song Non è l’ferno and last year singing Piece of heart.

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This song speaks a lot of theirs friendship: “During the recording with Emma I had my heart coming out of my chest. The emotion is not just for the song, it is for what there was and what is between the two of us. Years of sharing, of music but also of silence ”, revealed Amoroso.

A very special bond that unites the two young singers, loved by thousands of fans for whom the ‘gift’ of Rudy Zerbi. Amici’s coach has in fact shared on Instagram a photo of the times in which she worked at Radio Deejay and which shows the two friends a few years ago.

Impossible not to notice Alessandra’s look: the mountain of curly hair on her head made her quite different from today, right?

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Alessandra Amoroso and Emma Marrone
Photo source: Instagram

“But how beautiful have they always been?” Writes Zerbi. And how to blame him?