Alessandra Amoroso, shock episode: the reply to the attack is from Oscar

In these hours Alessandra Amoroso showed on social networks the bad episode that she was a victim of: the singer’s replica is exemplary.

The web and social networks in general offer gruesome examples of incivility and insanity almost every day, especially through offensive, defamatory or even miners’ comments. haters. A very sad phenomenon that often affects the most prominent characters, victims of ferocious attacks on any type of topic.

Alessandra Amoroso replies to the hater (Credits: Instagram)

Precisely in this regard, Wanda Nara in these days he has launched an important message of body positivity an Ig story in which he appears completely natural. Or, a well-known radio and TV presenter defended herself from accusations about her thinness considered by many to be excessive.

In these hours it was the turn of Alessandra Amoroso, one of the most popular artists of the Italian music scene. The former winner of Friends he is spending his family holidays, in a truly spectacular house in Salento, of which you can see some corners through the shots posted on his Instagram profile. Unfortunately, however, you know, haters never go on vacation and certain phenomena do not stop even in this period.

However, the Apulian artist did not allow herself to be disheartened, but reacted. How? Not by repaying with the same coin, but by responding in the wisest and most elegant way possible.

Alessandra Amoroso, masterful reply on social media: so the singer silences the hater

In recent years on the web we have really read and seen everything, but at worst there seems to be no limit. A user has reserved for Amoroso to say the least despicable words even wishing her death. “Alessandra Amoroso with makeup or no makeup does not interest us, when you wake up cold then we will have news,” wrote the subject in question.

The singer took the screenshot of thehorrible message and she shared it in a story on Instagram along with her response which was: “I hope you can receive so much love, because I’m full of it !!! Sorry for you “. Intelligent words and certainly among the best to use in similar circumstances.

In recent times, Amoroso has found itself more than once in the position of having to defend itself from some controversy such as the one that broke out for advertising the Marvel seriesShe Hulk by Disney +. “Before a concert I need to transform my emotions into charge and fear into strength and security: at that moment the She Hulk in me emerges and with her I am ready to break everything”, wrote the singer under the video shared on Instagram recently.

Someone, however, accused her of becoming too full of herself, in light of the episode in which she said no to a request for an autograph from a fan. On such occasions, she has always emphasized the importance of not using social media to spread hatred, anger and violence. “Every post is tainted with senseless hatred”, she had said, prompting a reflection that everyone should do when approaching virtual platforms.

Alessandra Amoroso replies
Alessandra Amoroso ugly social episode (Credits: Instagram)

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