Alessandra Amoroso tells about her dark period: “Psychoanalysis helped me”

The singer Alessandra Amoroso talks about her dark period: “Psychoanalysis helped me”

Alessandra Amoroso, the talented Italian singer, discovered in the singing talent show of Maria De Filippi He tells himself with an open heart, even in his most difficult moments, “psychoanalysis helped me”.

Revelation by Alessandra Amoroso: “psychoanalysis helped me” (Source Instagram)

It has now been more than ten years since Alessandra Amoroso won the talent of Friends, thus winning not only the prize money, but also a scholarship donated for the critics’ prize. The singer then never stopped, giving us year after year songs that have now entered our culture. Alessandra, of Apulian origin, has always shown a strong but at the same time sensitive character. Today she has told herself in all respects, revealing even unpleasant moments in her life. Alessandra Amoroso, thanks to the help of a psychologist, is now well and more aware of herself.

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Alessandra Amoroso tells the path of psychoanalysis

The Lecce singer tells the presenter about her dark period Silvia Toffanini, in the study of very true. In the last episode, Amoroso reveals that in the past she suffered from anxiety and loneliness, but now, thanks to the help of her psychologist, she too is called Alessandra, has managed to overcome this bad period. The singer can now say that she knows each other, “I know who I am and I know what I want,” she declared. She then told the presenter Silvia Toffanini that she is in complete symbiosis with her psychologist and that she owes her a lot.

Alessandra Amoroso psychoanalysis
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Now the singer with the scratched voice is ready for a new adventure, the stage of San Siro in July of 2022. “I am honored to get on that stage, I can’t wait” said Amoroso. He then revealed that singing on that stage “is a dream come true”, considering the great artists who have trodden it before. But Alessandra Amoroso is no exception. Speaking about her private life and her family, the singer told about the special relationship she has with her granddaughter Andrew, with whom he spends a lot of time, and being moved he says: “she is my sun, when I spend time with her I feel better”.

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How much sweetness from Alessandra Amoroso, we are happy for her and we can’t wait to hear her music on the stage of San Siro 2022.