Alessandra and uncle Adriano Celentano: twist, what happened on social media

Alessandra and uncle Adriano Celentano: twist, what happened on social media in the last hours.

Alessandra Celentano will again be the classical dance teacher at Amici. The former dancer has been on the talent show for years and she plays the same role. The new edition of the program will start on Sunday 18 September with the formation of the class. After the success of the last one, it is expected that this one that is about to make its debut on TV will also obtain the same results.

Alessandra-Adriano: news (credits: instagrm-youtube)

The ballet teacher often divides the audience. Not everyone likes her attitude in her talent, someone defines her as severe and not very apprehensive with boys. In fact, many times we have witnessed moments of failure on the part of the students due to her comments. But she claims to be direct and fair in expressing judgments. Before joining Amici as a teacher she was a great dancer herself, she danced in major theaters.

Celentano, as you will have understood long ago from the surname, is the granddaughter of the great Adriano. We have hardly ever seen them together in recent years and many have thought that there was no good blood between uncle and nephew. In the last few hours there has been a twist: everything happened on social media.

Alessandro and his uncle Adriano Celentano: it happened in the last few hours on social media, a twist

Alessandra Celentano, ballet teacher, and teacher for years in the school of Amici di Maria De Filippi, is the granddaughter of Adriano Celentano. Many have always thought that the two do not have a good relationship and that there is no good blood in the family: the reason for this thought?

Apparently they never appear together, there is no photo or video of the uncle and nephew being close. This has thus accentuated the doubts of those who follow the beloved singer-songwriter and teacher. In the last few hours, however, there has been a real twist if we want to call it: what happened? Alessandra on her very popular instagram channel, shared a shot that leaves no room for misunderstanding.

alessandra adriano celentano
Celentano family: snapshot (credits. Instagram)

He has published a photo in which he shows himself together with his uncle Adriano and his cousin Rosita, daughter of the singer-songwriter and Claudia Mori. In support of the post he reported a sentence that clears all doubts: “In life, the family is the most important thing that exists. Rosita and I together with Uncle Adriano! ”. The photo shows them in a moment together. They show themselves carefree and cheerful in a family moment. Apparently after this move there can be no more hesitation, relations between Alessandra and her uncle Adriano are more than serene.