Alessandra Celentano and that pain she carries inside: “Only today I can talk about it”

Alessandra Celentano spoke in an interview of the pain she carries inside: “Only today I can talk about it”.

Alessandra Celentano is the classical dance teacher at Amici Amici di Maria D Filippi. She has been playing this role for years, exactly since 2003. Since she made her debut in the school she has never left that place and the public is very happy to see her every year. The twenty-second edition began in September and the teacher has already had the opportunity to show her students but also those of the other teachers how she works.

Alessandra Celentano, pain (credits: mediaset play) sologossip

Just at the beginning of this edition, she hinted that she had found love by saying she was engaged. So she began searching for who could be her mate although she never really confirmed if the news was true. In Amici, in addition to these gossip gems that often come out, we can be spectators of numerous squabbles between teachers.

Arguments have broken out many times with Raimondo Todaro, as they have different thoughts and preferences about the school’s dancers. We know the classical dance teacher well, at least a lot is known about her career but something is also known about her private life. You were recently a guest at Verissimo to tell your story and gave space to the lesser known part. During the interview he also put out the pain he carries inside: “Only today I can talk about it”.

Alessandra Celentano and the pain she has always carried inside: “Only today I can talk about it”

Since 2003 Alessandra Celentano has been a teacher of classical dance in the most loved school in Italy, Amici di Maria De Filippi. Since its debut, the program has won over viewers who don’t miss an episode. The success is due to the skill of the presenter and obviously to that of the protagonists, in addition to the presence of the professors who know their stuff.

Surely Celentano is among the most loved talent teachers. Just she tends only to show the professional side in the school, as it should be, but there are different moments. However, recently, a guest in an episode of Verissimo, she told herself. During the interview she spoke of the pain that she carries within her, that of her for the loss of her parents and in this case of her mother. Approaching with Silvia Toffanin he remembered his mother who died of Alzheimer’s.

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Alessandra Celentano, confession (credits: youtube) sologossip

Only today am I able to talk about it, before it was very difficult, but I understood that talking about it is right also because it can help those who live close to Alzheimer’s patients because it is a long and difficult journey”, said the teacher. She explained that she has not overcome the death of her parents. This, she says, is a pain that cannot be metabolized, she pretends nothing has happened, but she is always there ready to be heard.