Alessandra Celentano explains how things really are with some characters of Amici

Alessandra Celentano spoke to Verissimo, the program hosted by Silvia Toffanin. She focused on Amici and on some details

Alessandra Celentano is probably the most feared teacher of Friendsthe television program hosted by Maria DeFilippibroadcast on the networks Mediaset for many years now. She was born in 1966, she had a career as a prima ballerina and as a choreographer, working or collaborating with the main theaters of theEurope and of the world. Her presence certainly makes the program more prestigious and she does nothing to hide it.

Alessandra Celentano and the truth about Amici (credits: Instagram) – Sologossip

She is the granddaughter of Adriano Celentano and the cousin of Gino SantercoleMilanese singer-songwriter and actor who died in 2018. The Celentano only lost the first edition of Friends, while he has been present continuously in the program since 2003, so next year he will celebrate his twenty years in this successful broadcast. The words of her released to very true they did discuss.

During the interview, the teacher talked about her relationship with colleagues, especially other dance teachers, and then made a pass on her uncle Hadrian. Also, the Celentano he recalled his parents with great emotion, both of whom passed away. Here are some excerpts from this interesting interview, which was greatly appreciated by viewers. On the internet there are still several discussions about her words.

Alessandra Celentano in Verissimo: the truth about Amici

Alessandra Celentanoteacher of the program Friends and successful dancer, has released some statements to the microphones of very truethe transmission conducted by Sylvia Toffanin broadcast on Channel 5. During the chat, the teacher talked about her professional life and also her private life, highlighting the differences between everything that happens in front of the cameras and the episodes that happen when there is no longer an audience.

(credits: Instagram) – Sologossip

Remember the heated discussions with the choreographer garrison? In reality, the two are very close friends in everyday life, only that they have a different vision of dance. Currently, the other dance teachers of Friends I am Raymond Todaro and Emmanuel Lo. Live quarrels often occur with the first but, with the cameras off, everything is different: “We have different opinions but outside of work the relationship is excellent”she said Celentano.

There Celentano she declared that she loved her figure as a feared professor very much, then she moved on to the personal sphere: “He played all the instruments and wrote a lot of songs”he said of his uncle Hadrian. Then she concluded by talking about her parents, especially her mother, who had been ill for over ten years Alzheimers: “My parents are always with me, I greet them in the evening and it is such a strong pain that it cannot be metabolized”. Then Alessandra Celentano spoke of his relationship with Rosita, his cousin, calling it excellent.