Alessandra Celentano, not everyone has seen her sister: practically identical

The teacher Alessandra Celentano is much loved by the public, but few have seen her sister: striking resemblance!

Known to the general public especially for his role as teacher ad Friends which has been covering for almost twenty years now, Alessandra Celentano has always been able to not go unnoticed. This is because, in addition to the crazy curriculum of dancer and teacher that she has, also the gritty and determined personality of her have contributed to making her iconic.

Alessandra Celentano selfie with her sister (Credits: Instagram)

Nephew of the inimitable Adriano, Alessandra Celentano she has always been loved but also criticized by some colleagues and by some viewers for the severity that distinguishes her in approaching students. Especially to those who, according to her, do not have the physical skills and a classical study behind them adequate to become the crystalline dancers.

Despite her super energetic temperament, however, she herself did not hide the fact that she cries often: “I cry often. Beautiful music makes you cry. A movie can make me cry. Memories, yes, they often make me tear down ”, she said some time ago she was interviewed by the weekly Today.

In addition, she is very attached to her affections, among which there are certainly her cousin Rosita, her niece Valentina and his sister Adriana. The latter is not part of the entertainment world and there is no known social profile of her. In a selfie published a few years ago by the famous choreographer, however, it is possible to see how similar the two are: take a look and then say if we weren’t right!

Alessandra Celentano, check the selfie with her sister Adriana: two drops of water

Between Alessandra and Adriana Celentano there is a very deep bond, as evidenced by the interview by Today mentioned above. After the separation of the choreographer from her ex-husband Angelo Trementozzi, the two sisters share the same house in Rome together with… eight dogs! Yes, you read that right: they both love to surround themselves with 4-legged friends and, thanks to the large garden they have, they can all live together comfortably.

Adriana is the mother of Valentina that at the time of the interview of the well-known weekly with the coach of Friends she was 24 and a law student. It is not known what the job of Alessandra’s sister is or how old she is. What is certain is that there is an incredible similarity between them.

In this selfie posted on the teacher’s very popular Instagram profile, we see them side by side and it is almost difficult to distinguish them. At the time of the photo, which dates back to 2018, they even had the same hair color! The facial features, then, are really very, very similar: cut of the eyes, nose and shape of the lips, everything seems to prove their close relationship.

Alessandra Celentano sister
Alessandra Celentano, who is her sister (Credits: Instagram)

Have you ever seen this photo on the social networks of the ‘feared’ dance teacher?