Alessandra Mastronardi on Cesaroni: “If they were to return, I wouldn’t be there”

Alessandra Mastronardi it won’t be Eva Cudicini. Never again. For the actress, who in the meantime has undertaken (or rather continued) a national and international career, the chapter of The Cesaroni it is permanently closed.

The words of Alessandra Mastronardi

While Claudio Amendola (PHOTO) in the return of The Cesaroni she hopes a little, Alessandra Mastronardi is certain of it: any return is excluded. “The cycles close, it wouldn’t make sense to bring back my character, who in the meantime should have become a grandmother”, she said during an interview with Corriere della Sera. When she makes a decision, she explained, she doesn’t go back. And for her the right decision was to move away from fiction, however raise the bar. He would never take part in a continuous de The Cesaroni, and would not follow any new episodes without her. Rather, she would rather go to dinner with the cast. Currently busy on the set of the German series One trillion dollars (PHOTO) on Paramount+, concluded: “We’re not talking about a global success like Friends”.

The career of Alessandra Mastronardi

Neapolitan born in 1986, Alessandra Mastronardi She is best known for her role as Eva Cudicini The Cesaroni and for that of Alice Allevi ne The Student. Godmother at the 76th Venice International Film Festival in 2019, in previous years – simultaneously with fiction – she took part in important international projects. Over all To Rome with Lovedirected by Woody Allen. Protagonist of the series Titanic – Birth of a legend And The Charterhouse of Parmahe starred in The last wheel of the wagon by Giovanni Veronesi, in the Mediaset film Romeo and Juliet, in The Tourist by Evan Oppenheimer and in Life (alongside Robert Pattinson). On 8 July 2023 she married the dentist in Naples Gianpaolo Sannino.