Alessandra Mastronardi: the bad background told after years

Interviewed by Corriere della Sera, Alessandra Mastronardi retraced her career also revealing an unpleasant background.

She is one of the most brilliant and appreciated young Italian actresses and the great success for her came by playing the role of Eva in the historic fiction The Cesaroni. Since then, there have been many films and TV series to which Alessandra Mastronardi he took part demonstrating all his talent. Not everyone, however, knows how she started acting and how her beginnings in show business were. She talked about it herself in an interview with Corriere della Sera.

Alessandra Mastronardi: the ugly background revealed after years (Credits: Instagram)

If on the one hand, this talented 36-year-old artist has collected many achievements such as the masterful interpretation of Carla Fracci in the film of the same name about the unforgettable etoile, this does not mean that the approach to the world of entertainment was easy for her.

He told the well-known newspaper that it all began as a teenager, by chance. At 12, she was on a beach vacation with her parents and was spotted by an agent. From there, her first audition and the following year came her first film, Van Hecken’s manuscriptwith Barbara D’Urso.

“A film agent noticed me and offered me an audition. My father, a psychotherapist, told me yes as long as they were only summer or weekend commitments ”, recalls the artist. In short, a bright future was looming for her. Yet, Mastronardi recalls that it was not a very happy time. Let’s see what she revealed.

Alessandra Mastronardi, “They bullied me”: the incredible background confessed only now

His approach to the art world was not well received by his peers who started at school bully her. “I was acting, I was uncomfortable for my classmates, in one of my commercials with Ozpetek the director and Gianni Morandi, and they made fun of me, I was quite bullied, even if this term did not exist at the time, they stole my cell phone”, she reveals .

A difficult situation for her to manage, which evidently marked her for some time: “Until I was almost 25, I didn’t have the courage to write on my identity document that I was an actress”, she admits.

Apparently, however, cinema was written in his destiny and time has shown that acting is indeed his way.

background Alessandra Mastronardi
Credits: Instagram

Soon we will see it in theaters with the new film The Unbearable Weight of massive talent, where he shared the set with Nicolas Cage. Will you go to see it?