Alessandra Mastronardi, what job does your new boyfriend do?

Closed the story with Ross McCall, Alessandra Mastronardi has been caught several times with her new boyfriend: do you know what job he does?

If the acting career has given to Alessandra Mastronardi many satisfactions making her one of the most appreciated faces of Italian cinema, in her private life there was no lack of disappointments. Several loves ended badly for the former de star The Cesaroni who now lives in Londonwhere she had moved years ago to follow her then boyfriend.

Alessandra Mastronardi boyfriend who is she (Credits: Instagram)

The talented 36-year-old originally from Naples has had relationships with famous colleagues in the past including Vinicio Marchioni and Marco Foschi, with whom she shared the set of films and TV series. Then the English actor came into her life Liam McMahon and for him he decided to go and live in the British capital. After six years, however, the two broke up and Mastronardi turned the page with Ross McCall. A story that lasted four years and that seemed to proceed in the best way, so much so that in 2021 there was even the marriage proposal.

Then, quite suddenly, the suspicions about a separation between the two became more and more insistent until the confirmation of the break, arrived through the photos of the paparazzi who immortalize Alessandra in the company of her new flame. After being caught together as early as last April, they have now been photographed again by Diva and Donna. So let’s try to understand who he is and what work he does.

Alessandra Mastronardi, who is her new boyfriend and what she does

It was never known for sure what were the reasons that led to the end of the story with McCall and neither of them has ever made any statements about it. Currently the beautiful interpreter of the fiction about Carla Fracci is in Italy and it is not known if she will decide to return to live in her homeland now that she has found love here. According to what was revealed by the Corriere della Serathe first meeting would take place thanks to mutual friends.

The lucky one who broke into his heart is Gianpaolo. The man is not part of the entertainment world and there is not much information about him. In any case, according to what has been leaked so far, Mastronardi’s new love is a dentist.

In the stolen shots, the couple appears on the Pincio terrace in romantic attitudes. And since “love is not beautiful if it is not a quarrel”, from the images it would seem that between the two there was also a heated discussion while they were in Villa Borghese but then they reconciled immediately.

Alessandra Mastronardi engaged
Alessandra Mastronardi boyfriend what she does (Credits: Instagram)

Waiting to know more details on the new Mastronardi rider, we wish the couple our best wishes!