Alessandra Ricchizzi, facialist who combines manual skills and technologies to enhance uniqueness

It all starts from the will of make people more beautiful. Not just a mantra, but a real mission that has been going on for years. And in these years of studying and analyzing the skin, he chose to combine his manual skills to combine technological tools, for a combination that cares for the skin, without invading it. Here is Alessandra Ricchizzi, a proudly Italian facialist, beloved also abroad. She is a curious and visionary professional, capable of making people’s faces more beautiful without distorting them, but also of enhancing every uniqueness. She opens the doors of her space, AR Suite, near the Duomo in Milan, where she welcomes – and it really seems to be at home – clients who rely on her treatments, a perfect mix of manual skills and technologies very advanced, starting with the “bionic fingers”.

“Everything starts with Iron Man”

“With my son, during the pandemic, I often watched Iron Man. This supererore gave me an idea: to find support that would make me stronger in my work” Ricchizzi explains. “And there was born the research that led me to find the bionic fingers which, after extensive research, I found in Los Angeles. We work very well: they detoxify the tissue, tone it up and drain it. I also use pure oxygen, with the built-in LED, a cold light that biostimulates the tissue and, based on the light, allows you to stimulate collagen and circulation. Everything always and in any case on the basis of the imperfection that must be treated. “To cure, but also to enhance: all the tools that Alessandra Ricchizzi uses in her treatments have these very important objectives.

Always rely on professionals

It is essential to rely on professionals in the sector, without being infected by false experts who damage the skin, and not just the face. Together with technology, Alessandra Ricchizzi has also patented a massage that brings the face back on axis, rebalancing it. A made in Italy method, which many countries watch carefully: “The most important, almost fundamental, thing is manual skills” – tells us the facialist. “We often have emotional and muscular blocks, which can only be dissolved by contact and energy. Here: the client has to enter me in one way, and exit in another. Then the technology helps me, because it has a different power. but at the same time I create a perfect combination, also looking for technologies that do not bother too much and are not too invasive.

“I’m always looking for a technology that goes hand in hand with my manual skills, to make everything more harmonious”

Non-invasive techniques and tools, study and analysis of the skin. Manual skills and tested technologies that, together, create a perfect and effective union. It is an environment that puts you in a position to entrust yourself to those who can take care of imperfections that can become peculiarities, specials. Alessandra Ricchizzi teaches us all this, because the right balance between tools and dexterity is fundamental. And it is one of the cornerstones of her passion that has become a job.