Alessandria, a young man threatens to commit suicide: saved by a carabiniere

The girl’s mother was notified by the authorities. The gesture praised by Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni

She threatened to commit suicide but was saved by a carabiniere which convinced her to give up. It happened in Alexandria where, around midnight, a call for help arrived at the operations center from a woman who had just received a video call from her daughter, sitting precariously balanced on the parapet of a bridge. A patrol immediately went to her place and found the young woman sitting on one of the crossbeams of the structure, with her legs in the void.

While one of the soldiers in contact with the station requested the intervention of medical personnel, the other carabiniere climbed over the balustrade and reached the girl who first threatened to throw herself into the void if she approached, then let herself be persuaded to confide. Once the young woman’s trust was obtained, the carabiniere convinced her to get up and reach the balustrade where she was taken to safety and then entrusted to the care of the health workers.

The gesture was praised by the premier Giorgia Meloni who thanked the Carabinieri on Facebook “for the humanity, sensitivity and courage with which they saved this girl’s life” and shared the story published by the Arma on its social channels.

“It’s just after midnight – reads the post – and a girl is sitting with her legs in the air on the parapet of the Meier bridge in Alessandria. A video call to her mother to tell her she wants to end it. he seems to notice the arrival of the Carabinieri of the Nucleo Radiomobile, who have arrived with their lights off and no sirens. One of them climbs over the balustrade and reaches the girl with caution. He tries to reassure her but she threatens to let herself fall into the icy waters of the river. Then slowly, with understanding and empathy, that Carabiniere manages to win her trust: he sits next to her, asks her what her name is and what are the bad thoughts that torment her”, write the Carabinieri.

“The arrival of the rescuers, however, alters the mood of the girl, who asks to have everyone removed with the exception of the Carabiniere whom she now trusts. The dialogue resumes and the young woman is now convinced to get up. Together the two they manage to get close to the balustrade, despite the beam being made slimy by the humidity of the night. The girl is grabbed by the other Carabinieri who intervened and, finally, brought back to the pedestrian platform. The nightmare is over: she is safe. From today she will have certainly one more person to trust and, when he wants, the closeness of the entire Carabinieri”, concludes the story published on social networks by the Arma.