Alessandro Basciano, have you ever seen his sister? It is a splendor!

Have you ever seen Alessandro Basciano’s sister? It is an authentic splendor: in this article we show you its photo

He was a suitor to “Men and Women”, a tempter to “Temptation Island” and finally a competitor to “Big Brother Vip”. Many of you have already seen it on the small screen, but surely few of you will know the sister. If you are curious to see a photo of him, keep reading the article.

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Do you know Alessandro Basciano’s sister? It is a splendor (Source: Instagram)

Alessandro Basciano’s sister

Alessandro Basciano was born in Genoa in June 1989. He is 32 years old and has become popular nationally following his participation as a suitor to “Men and women“. Basciano got out to woo Giulia Quattrociocche, resulting in the “non-choice” of the tronista.

Later, Alexander was chosen as the tempter of “Temptation Island“, Where she put a strain on the relationship between Valeria Liberati and her boyfriend Ciavy. Valeria seemed to have lost her mind for Alessandro, but once the reality show ended she fell back into her boyfriend’s arms.

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Both at “Men and Women” and at “Temptation Island” Alessandro remained – as they say – with a handful of flies in his hand. Currently she should still be single and has decided to prove herself with a new reality show. Alessandro, in fact, participates in the sixth edition of Big Brother Vip.

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Many of you will have already seen Basciano on the small screen before his participation in the GF VIP, but we’re sure few of you will know the sister. Is called Giorgia Nicole and she also ‘hangs out’ in the entertainment world. Basciano’s sister, in fact, participated in the television program “Ciao Darwin”.


Giorgia is truly a splendor and looks a lot like her brother, with whom she has an excellent relationship. Even on social media it is quite well known. On Instagram, for example, it has more than twenty thousand followers. Her photo are full of like and under his posts there are tons of super positive comments, many of which are compliments.
Together with Alessandro he shares a passion for sport, in fact he has a truly amazing body.