Alessia Mancini, the indescribable pain: a very difficult moment

Guest at Verissimo, in the company of Silvia Toffanin, Alessia Mancini recounted a past moment, an indescribable pain

The former face of Non è la Rai, a guest at Verissimo, let herself go to the story of a past moment in her life that left her with great pain. Alessia Mancini she is one of the most loved and followed showgirls on Italian TV. She connects Toffanin on the small screen, the two together were the fateful letters of the show hosted by Gerry Scotti, Passaparola. Since then, time has passed and their life has definitely changed, it is different and has been enriched with many nuances.

Alessia Mancini: pain (Credits: Mediaset Infinity)

The showgirl and the TV presenter reunited together in the episode of Verissimo which aired yesterday, Saturday 26 November. During the interview, Alessia Mancini retraced some of the most important moments of her life. Those who have been fundamental in her career and which have led to a turning point in her life, both at work and in private life. She has been married to for 19 years Flavio Montrucchio. The two are united by a great love, as Alessia herself wanted to underline during the interview. But a drama came down on the pair some time ago. Here’s what the showgirl said.

Alessia Mancini in Verissimo, the painful moment passed hand in hand with Fabio Montrucchio

The episode of Verissimo which aired yesterday 26 November saw the beloved Alessia Mancini as a guest in the Mediaset studios. For some time now, the showgirl and TV presenter has decided to devote herself to her family while never completely abandoning the world of entertainment. She is also very well known and very popular on social networks, especially because she loves interacting with her community to talk about makeup and above all about cooking. Cooking in particular is one of the passions she shares with her husband, her half. And her latest book by her, “A smile is the best ingredient” talks about cooking! The former letter of Passaparola spoke of the splendid family that she managed to build with her husband Flavio Montrucchio. The two together had two children, Mia and Orlando. On the other hand, as Alessia Mancini wanted to clarify, the ‘main dish’ that unites them is certainly the love they feel for each other, the immense desire to be together.

Love and a great desire to be together. We have known each other for twenty years and have been married for nineteen. We argue, we get angry and then we make up. Being supportive of each other is key“said Alessia also speaking of how important it is to be united in times of difficulty. In this regard, a background emerged that saw at the center a rather difficult moment that the two had to overcome before the birth of Orlando. “With Flavio we have overcome the pain of an abortion. Luckily, I learned to look ahead and soon after Orlando arrived and gave us the great joy we were waiting for and deserved“, he concluded in this regard.

alessia mancini pain
Alessia Mancini and Flavio Montrucchio (Credits: Instagram)

Even in front of the screen Alessia Mancini has always shown herself to be a strong and courageous woman, and with a lot of strength and a great desire to move forward, together with Flavio she has overcome this too.