Alessia Marcuzzi, check the unpublished shot: we had never seen it like this

Alessia Marcuzzi has always enchanted us with her social photos, but the shot we show you will leave you stunned: she was only 15 years old.

For the many fans of Alessia Marcuzzithe wait is finally about to come to an end: after having moved away from the small screen for about a year, the beautiful Roman presenter will return in November with a whole new program on Rai Due in which she would also like to involve her son Tommaso.

Alessia Marcuzzi, beyond belief (Credits: Instagram)

In the meantime, as he has done throughout this period of absence from TV, he continues to keep in touch with his loyal audience through social media. As many know, in addition to being one of the leading faces of Mediaset for about thirty years, dear Alessia is also one of the most followed fashion icon on the web.

Indeed, it must be recognized that in this it was a true pioneer in Italy: in fact, in 2010 she opened her blog La Pinella, where he dispenses advice on looks, travel, music, well-being, etc. In short, well before the social networks began to exude influencers from all pores! Even today, with her dazzling beauty and her amazing physical shape, Marcuzzi remains a reference point in terms of fashion and her outfit continue to be a source of inspiration.

In short, her Instagram profile is truly unmissable, but a few days ago Alessia surprised everyone with an unprecedented shot in which it appears in a very unusual version.

Alessia Marcuzzi at 15: to be left speechless, unmissable shot

In recent days there have been many famous people, Italian and non, who have dedicated a thought to the late actress Olivia Newton-John who died on Monday 8 August at the age of almost 74. Among these also Alessia Marcuzzi, who posted a photo from when she was 15 on Instagram. We see her performing in the school dance recital she attended in the Roman neighborhood where she grew up. As the presenter herself tells us, it was a representation inspired by Greasethe film that made Sandy’s actress immortal

With a look in perfect 50s style, Alessia appears with a white headband in her hair, hoop earrings and a white shirt tied at the waist while performing a group choreography. We are certainly not used to seeing her dressed like this, but what leaves her speechless is her beauty already evident as a teenager.

It is not the first time that the well-known presenter gives fans a shot of when she was a young girl and this is further confirmation of her innate charm that allows her to always be at the top in any put. Her blond and teased hair highlighted the splendid features of her face, which remained very similar in spite of the passing of the years.

Alessia Marcuzzi shot
Alessia Marcuzzi at 15 (Credits: Instagram)

Tell the truth: was it fabulous or not?