Alessia Marcuzzi, her beauty ‘secret’ revealed: that’s how she keeps fit, would you ever have said that?

Alessia Marcuzzi boasts of a truly incredible physique, but do you know how she keeps fit? Finally revealed the ‘secret’ of beauty.

A truly ‘shocking’ announcement, the one that, in recent months, Alessia Marcuzzi could not help but share with her beloved audience. After years of regular presence on Mediaset channels, the presenter has revealed that she is ready to take a break from the spotlight.

how does Alessia Marcuzzi keep fit? Her beauty makeup revealed. Photo Source: Instagram

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Several months have passed since Alessia Marcuzzi, through a post shared on her Instagram page, announced that she had said ‘goodbye’, at least for the moment, to Mediaset and the world of TV. Although in demand and much loved, the presenter explained that she was unable to imagine more in the programs that were proposed to her. Thus deciding to abandon. “My career started at Mediaset. And I will always thank them for the professional growth they have allowed me to do “, Marcuzzi wrote in support of the post. Since then, in fact, the beautiful Alessia hasn’t appeared on the small screen anymore. Of course, his name is, often and willingly, associated with many programs, but apparently there is still no confirmation. Waiting to have it, however, Alessia Marcuzzi never misses an opportunity to communicate with her supporters. And he did it even a few hours. Unveiling them, therefore, how you keep fit.

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How does Alessia Marcuzzi keep fit?

Alessia Marcuzzi it has always been an open book with its supporters. Always ready to reveal everything and to share with them everything that concerns her, the presenter has never lost an opportunity to make them participate in her choices, her life and her daily life. It is precisely for this reason that, a few hours ago, through a series of Instagram Stories uploaded to her official social channel, the beautiful Marcuzzi told herself like never before. And he answered the most curious questions of his supporters.

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Once revealed how her life has changed away from the cameras, Alessia Marcuzzi could not help but reveal how she keeps fit. His physique, let’s face it, is really crazy, but how does he get it like this? Let’s find out her beauty ‘secret’ together:

how Alessia Marcuzzi keeps fit
Photo Source: Instagram

From yoga to long walks, this is Marcuzzi’s beauty secret. Would you have ever imagined it?