Alessia Marcuzzi: “I risked dying of suffocation”

Drama touched on for the presenter saved by Wilma, the wife of his ex Francesco Facchinetti: the story on Instagram

Alessia Marcuzzi risked dying of suffocation. To save her life, as the Roman presenter herself writes on Instagram was Wilma, the wife of her ex Francesco Facchinetti. “We were in a restaurant in London and while I was eating, a piece of octopus got stuck in my trachea – reads the post – I could no longer breathe, I got up and started rolling my eyes and asking for help. Paolo and Tommy tried to free me by hitting me on the back, but nothing. I really thought I was going to die, I could no longer understand anything, when Wilma took me from behind and squeezed me tightly, giving me a strong blow on the sternum upwards. “” Suddenly I spat out that big piece that was blocking my breathing and that was remained completely intact, and I resumed swallowing – Marcuzzi continues – All this within two minutes in front of all the people in the restaurant who did not understand what was happening. I turned around, hugged her very tightly and told her moved, ‘You saved my life. I’ll never forget it'”.

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“It’s true, I will never forget Wilma – writes the presenter – In a few minutes, or maybe seconds, I went from a state of extreme suffering to total liberation and I realized that it could go very badly. what often happens if we eat something very soft and soft and don’t chew well, or it just slips down because we’re talking. And unfortunately sometimes the worst happens. “

“Wilma took the first aid course when she was studying in America and yesterday she had the readiness and the ability to do the Heimlich maneuver in a few seconds. And I promised myself to learn it, because you can really save the life of a person in short while”.