Alessia Marcuzzi ready to return to TV? What did you want to know

Is Alessia Marcuzzi now ready to return to TV? The presenter wanted to let people know one thing very clear: what she said.

A little less than a year has passed since his “goodbye” to the small screen! It was exactly last June when Alessia Marcuzzi, after persistent rumors about her non-renewal with Mediaset, she confirmed that she wanted to take some time for herself.

Is Alessia Marcuzzi ready to return to TV? What do we know. Credits: Instagram

Very young at the time of her debut on the small screen, Alessia Marcuzzi has come a long way in all these years. She hasn’t changed at all and the photos of her from a very young age confirm it, but what has undergone a drastic mutation was her own life. Host of many successful programs, the splendid Roman is a beloved face of Italian television. It is precisely for this reason that many of her are clamoring for her return to TV. Here, will it ever happen? To reveal everything in detail, it was the person directly concerned. Guest on Sunday In show, broadcast on Friday 27 May on Rai Uno, Marcuzzi spoke of her alleged return to the scene. Let’s find out what her words were about her.

When is Alessia Marcuzzi back on TV? Her words

We were all waiting for the return of Alessia Marcuzzi on TV and, finally, it has arrived. On the occasion of the unedited episode of Domenica In show with Mara Venier, the Roman presenter was one of the guests who alternated in the Rai Uno television studio. “I’ll be back on television only with you”, said the beautiful Marcuzzi as soon as she approached the landlady in the study center. It is definitely not the first time that the two women of the show are together in front of the cameras, but what you cannot help but notice is how their harmony is really skyrocketing. Who knows, should we expect something on the way? Alessia’s words are very clear: “I’m back on TV only with you”.

We do not know what exactly the words of Alessia Marcuzzi mean to Mara Venier, but according to Giuseppe Candela it would seem that there is a new Rai project that will start right from next November. To date, we don’t have a lot of information, but it would seem that the presenter is close to returning to the small screen.

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Credits: instagram

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