Alessia Marcuzzi, what has she been doing since she is no longer on TV and about the possibility of returning to conducting reveals that …

Alessia Marcuzzi reveals on social media what she does after leaving Mediaset of which she was one of the undisputed queens for many years.

When he announced months ago that he had left Mediaset, fans received the news with great regret. Alessia Marcuzzi has been one of the spearheads of the company for 25 years and the history of commercial TV is inevitably linked to her and the programs she conducted.

Alessia Marcuzzi, what has she been doing since she is no longer on TV and on the hypothesis of returning to conduct she reveals that … (Instagram)

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For months the rumors, never confirmed, of a possible return to TV have been chasing each other, but in these hours the presenter has finally revealed the truth about it. Through the question box on Instagram, a user asked her “When will we see you on TV again? We miss you”. The 47-year-old’s response lights up a light of hope for those who wish to see her again sooner or later on the small screen.

“I miss you a lot too. I’ll be back when I’m ready ”, he said in total coherence with what he had declared while greeting his audience. On that occasion, Marcuzzi had in fact explained that she no longer felt in line with the company’s proposals and therefore preferred to leave.

But what has Alessia been doing since she left the red camera light? Here’s what he said.

The new life of Alessia Marcuzzi: what she does after the long period on TV

As many know, the beloved presenter became famous with Lightning strike she is also a successful entrepreneur.

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It is therefore natural that she is taking advantage of this distance from the small screen to devote herself to the two companies that belong to her and of which she is testimonial, the cosmetics company Beauty light and that of handcrafted bags Marks & Angels. The products of the first brand are all 98% natural and scientifically tested.

In addition, Marcuzzi also has a very popular blog, the Pinella, where it deals with beauty, fashion and travel.

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What Alessia Marcuzzi does
Photo source: Instagram

We would like to see you again on TV soon, but we still wish you good luck for all your projects.