Alessia Piperno free, the end of a nightmare that began on her birthday

The 30-year-old Roman was arrested in Tehran, Iran, last September 28 and then detained in Evin prison

Alessia Piperno is free. For the thirty-year-old Roman, this is the end of a nightmare that began last September 28, when, on her birthday, she was arrested in Tehran and then detained in the notorious Evin prison in the north of the Iranian capital, sadly known for being used to lock up political prisoners and opponents.

The news of the girl’s release comes the day after a telephone conversation, which was reported by the Iranian media, between the foreign minister, Antonio Tajani, and his counterpart from Tehran, Hossein Amir-Abdollahian. In addition to talking about current affairs, from nuclear power to Ukraine, the latter – according to a note from the Iranian embassy in Rome – expressed “the hope that political, economic and cultural relations between the two countries will expand more and more. “.

Piperno, whose family owns the ‘Di Libro in Libro’ bookshop in the Alban Hills, was a longtime traveler. “She had been in Pakistan, she had been in Iran for two months and was planning to return to Pakistan”, said Paolo Trapani and his partner Angela, two Italian travel bloggers who manage the site ‘Beyond The Trip – Viaggio indeterminato’ immediately after the arrested and claimed to have met the Roman girl “by chance” in Iran.

“Iran at the moment is a country in total turmoil”, said the two, stressing that they were alarmed after reading the news of the arrest of several foreigners in Iran, including Italians, and how another alarm bell was was the fact that Piperno no longer connected on their Whatsapp group. The riots that set fire to the Islamic Republic in the wake of the death in custody of Mahsa Amini, who died after her arrest for not wearing her veil correctly, had shaken Piperno.

Mahsa “could have been me, or my friend Hanieh, or one of those women I met during this trip. Hijab in Iran is not synonymous with religion, but it is synonymous with government”, she wrote in one of her latest posts on Instagram. , in which he stressed that “every woman must deprive herself of her femininity, hide those beautiful facial features and the shapes of her body, in order not to risk ending up in prison, or worse still, being whipped 70 times”.

Moments of fear had been experienced in Italy when, on October 15, the news of serious incidents in Evin prison spread. The videos of a fire in the prison had raised fears for the fate of the Italian, but the Iranian authorities had immediately stated that all the foreign detainees had not been involved and were fine. This news was later confirmed also by sources of the Farnesina.

Amir-Abdollahian and the then foreign minister, Luigi Di Maio, had spoken about the Piperno case, on which confidentiality had obviously been requested, a week after his arrest. On 23 October the new head of the foreign ministry, Antonio Tajani, had heard from the young woman’s father, Alberto, and had assured him “maximum commitment” for her release. The release of Alessia Piperno “is at the top of the work of these days, we are all busy every day”, Tajani reiterated in an interview released at the end of October.