Alessio Boni and Nina Verdelli bis parents: the second child was born

Alessio Boni And Nina Verdelli parents again. The actor, 55, and the journalist, 35, welcomed their second child, Riccardo. The couple have another one and a half year old son, Lorenzo.

Alessio Boni and Nina Verdelli, welcome Riccardo

It was the reporter who posted a black and white shot to announce the birth of the second child. In the image you can see the baby’s ear and hand. “Pulcinibus” wrote Nina, using the same nickname with which she referred to the baby during pregnancy. And among the hashtags he adds: “I couldn’t be happier“.

Alessio Boni and Nina Verdelli, the story

Alessio Boni and Nina Verdelli are together for five years. At the moment, however, the two have no intention of getting married. “I don’t think our love needs this … It’s a love so strong, full, alive, that it doesn’t need anything. It’s more powerful than any contract. Nina doesn’t need it either, she thinks like me”, he confided some time ago the actor. But if Nina wanted to, the actor would change his mind. “If you asked me and if you liked it, I would marry her“. Some time ago, in a long interview with“ Today is another day ”, Alessio Boni had talked about the birth of his son Lorenzo and his experience as a father:“ I can’t say what kind of dad I am. I would like to be sweet and present but with a hard fist. But this one looks at you, smiles at you and melts you like an icicle in the sun. He was born on March 22nd and on March 18th the trucks with the coffins passed through Bergamo. I lived a dichotomy: the greatest love and death outside. I felt guilty almost to rejoice, it was strange “. The first-born, in fact, was born in full lockdown. “When Lorenzo was born I saw in his eyes a kind of eternity. I understood what Homer meant by the gods: passing on the fate of the future from father to son is a kind of immortality. I have a profound, powerful, ancestral exchange with him that changes day by day ”confessed Boni to Vanity Fair. Last September, on the occasion of the Venice Film Festival, Boni walked on the red carpet together with his partner Nina Verdelli and little Lorenzo: “It was a simple thing, the sense of family came out”, the actor explained to Francesca Fialdini, in the program “From us… freewheeling”.