Alex Belli, we talk a lot about him but not everyone has seen his brother: that ‘detail’ is unsettling

Even outside the house of GF Vip Alex Belli continues to be talked about, but few know who his brother is: the similarity is noticeable!

In three months of staying in the house of GF Vip 6, no one has managed as much as he to ‘take the stage’: Alex Belli he was a great protagonist of this sixth edition of the reality show and even after the disqualification he continues to be present in some way in the dynamics of the game.

Alex Belli, we talk a lot about him but few have seen his brother: the similarity is unsettling (Instagram)

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Enough details of his private life are known in addition to the troubled history with Delia Duran, put to the test during his adventure at the GF. But what do we know about your family of origin?

Well, the former CentoVetrine actor is very attached to his parents and siblings: yes, you read that right! Alex Belli, whose real name is Alessandro Gabelli, is the eldest of four children. The three brothers are all male and lead a very private life, away from the limelight.

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Alex Belli, his brother has something in common with him: have you ever seen him?

The brothers of the former competitor of the GF Vip are called Francesco, Luca and Michele. They grew up in Parma like him in a family of horse breeders: “I’ve been riding horses for a lifetime. My grandparents had a farmhouse, fields and various animals, including cows and horses. It is from them that I inherited this passion which, then, developed further in the years of the equestrian boom, around 2000, a period in which we had a real equestrian center with riding stables “, Belli had told in an interview with Vanity Fair.

To see Francesco Gabelli he will amaze you because he and Alex look alike above all in one very specific detail: in the image we show you, taken from his Instagram profile, you will realize it.

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Alex Belli brother
Photo source: Instagram

Have you noticed that Francesco’s smile is practically identical to that of the former gieffino? Beyond belief!