Alex Schwazer, towards appealing to WAD for the Paris 2024 Olympics?

The walker, cleared of all charges in Italy, and despite his collaboration with sports justice, did not receive a ‘discount’ from the World Anti-Doping Agency

Alex Schwazer is still deciding whether or not to appeal, everything is still open. This is what filters through from the entourage of the Italian walker Alex Schwazer who announced last night during ‘Big Brother’ that after two years of waiting, he was denied a reduction in his disqualification by Wada. The walker, cleared of all charges in Italy, and despite his collaboration with the sports justice system, did not receive the ‘discount’ from the World Anti-Doping Agency, thus ruining his dream of returning to competition for the 2024 Paris Olympics .

“After two years the communication arrived. It wasn’t favorable. I am very sorry, I think this decision is profoundly wrong, I have always given my best. I think I’m paying for the fact that I never accepted the verdict of sporting justice and fought for my innocence. I have no regrets. I will continue with the training, I will do it as long as I remain in the house and I will continue even when I leave. I love sport,” Schwazer said last night that he is in the most famous house in Italy to participate in Big Brother and where he was training to be ready.

“In the next few days I will evaluate the steps on the disqualification and my stay in the house”, added the 38-year-old walker. Schwazer will therefore not be able to participate in the Paris 2024 Olympics, but this does not mean the end of his sporting career: from July next year, in fact, he will be able to return to compete in all the competitions in which he chooses to participate.