Alexa arrives in cars with Amazon’s new Echo device

The second generation of Echo Auto now also available in Italy, that’s what it’s for

Amazon presented the latest generation of Echo Auto, the travel version of Alexa, available for the first time in Italy after arriving in other countries also with previous versions. It’s designed to enable hands-free Alexa features in vehicles that don’t have a built-in voice assistant. It comes in a new slimmer design and includes a new adhesive backing for more flexibility in placement within the car. The device has five built-in microphones, capable of identifying the user’s voice even with music, air conditioning or traffic noise. Thanks to Echo Auto, you can therefore integrate Alexa to your car to listen to music, make calls, call with Drop In on compatible Echo devices, listen to podcasts, keep up to date on news and a calendar appointment or an item on your to-do list , going to compensate for the lack of an integrated assistant. You can also control smart home devices while on the go: all users can in fact ask Alexa, for example, to set the thermostat, turn off the lights, control the front door and much more, even if away from home. The sale price is 69.99 euros.