Alexa in the hotel, this is how the new Amazon service works

Continue to use Alexa even when you are in accommodation facilities such as hotels to get information, listen to music and even checkout. Now it is also possible in Italy with Alexa Smart Properties for Hospitality, a service offered by Amazon and dedicated to hotel, resort and B&B customers.

How does it work

With Alexa Smart Properties for Hospitality Alexa becomes a sort of concierge virtual allowing guests, as the e-commerce giant explains, to obtain information on the hotel’s opening hours or services, on the weather, listen to music, manage the controls of lights, thermostats or curtains, report a maintenance problem, make requests , even carry out the checkout, all with the voice as many are used to doing already at home. Through Alexa it will also be possible to obtain information on tourist attractions in the city or on traffic towards the airport, to plan your trip even better, as explained by Gianmaria Visconti, Head of Alexa France, Italy and Spain. Even hotels, she adds, can benefit from this new service because, for example, it will be possible to reduce repetitive requests such as those for restaurant hours, the Wi-Fi password, provide confidential offers.

Where you can try the service

The service is available, after the launch in France and in the United Kingdom, at the TH Roma Carpegna Palace Hotel and, shortly, at the Parc Hotel in Peschiera del Garda, while the So.GES group will provide the experience to guests of the Borgo di Cortefreda, Florence. It will be possible to interact with Alexa without having to log in with your own accounts, in Italian and English and – ensure by Amazon – with the utmost respect for privacy, with the possibility of deactivating the microphone of the Echo device in the room.