Alfio Cantarella, former drummer of Equipe 84, has died

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Alfio Cantarellaex-drummer of theTeam 84And died at the age of 81 years old. The musician of the popular beat group who reached the pinnacle of success in the sixties and seventies had been hospitalized for a few days in the intensive care unit of the Magalini hospital in Villafranca, in the province of Verona where the man, originally from Catania, he had moved there for about thirty years with his wife Lina. After the death of her life partner, Cantarella had chosen to live in the Piccola Fraternità elderly center in Dossobuono.


Born in 1941 in Biancavilla, in the province of Catania, Cantarella had moved to Milan as a boy. In 1960 he had joined the Marino’s, a group that became I Gatti after the union with the Snakers of Francesco Guccini and Victor Sogliani. In 1963, from the union of some members of the band and others of the Modenese group Le Tigri, the new formation was born Team 84composed of vocals and guitar by Maurice Vandellifrom below of Victor Soglianifrom the guitar of Frank Ceccarelli and from the battery of Cantarella. After the debut with the 45 rpm Canary goesanthem of the Modena football team, and the signing of the first recording contract, in 1965 Equipe 84 had released their debut album and in 1966 had participated in the Sanremo Festival with the song One day you will look for me. The greatest successes had come with the songs I have in mind you and September 29thwritten by Lucio Battisti and Mogol, and then with the disc Stereo team. Since the eighties Cantarella had instead dedicated himself to music productioncollaborating with artists such as Zucchero and Sergio Caputo, and atorganization of tours for numerous artists, including Franco Battiato, Alice, Eugenio Finardi, the Poohs, Miguel Bosé, Giuni Russo, Anna Oxa, Matia Bazar and Mango. In the nineties he had instead organized the showsamong others, by Beppe Grillo, New Trolls, Banco del Mutuo Soccorso, Enrico Ruggeri and Fiorella Mannoia.