“Alfonso go f *****”: insults fly against Signorini in the house of the GF Vip

GF Vip, “Alfonso go f *****”: insults against Signorini fly at home; the competitor’s outburst did not go unnoticed.

A complicated issue for Alfonso Signorini. GF Vip 7 started a few weeks ago, but the conductor has already had to deal with various obstacles, more or less serious.

Alfonso Signorini (Credits Mediaset Play)

First of all, the delicate story of Marco Bellavia, who unleashed a real social storm. Even last night, in the studio, there were moments of tension for the conductor, due to the heated question and answer with Sara Manfuso. Will she be over here? The answer is no. After the episode, even someone in the house had something to say about the conductor, to whom he addressed not exactly kind words. Here’s what happened.

GF Vip, the competitor bursts out against Alfonso Signorini: harsh words

An episode full of emotions and twists, that of GF Vip aired last night. And, as always, there was no shortage of surprises for the post episode. Not all positive! Two contestants quarreled heatedly during the night, over a request made by a Vippo: a private room with a bathroom. A request that the GF accepted, sparking the anger of a roommate.

Let’s talk about Patrizia Rossettiwho did not like the choice of the GF production to grant a private room to Pamela Prati. An unfair decision, according to Rossetti, who spares no strong words during an outburst in the kitchen: “What did Pamela Prati do? With all my affection, I also love herbut why do you deserve the single room? I, instead of not sleeping the first two weeks, did I sleep on all the sofas in the house, at 63 years old? “

Patrizia’s outburst becomes more and more heated: “Do you know what I tell you? I get off the c ******* i tomorrow, I give a fuck about the b ****. Having these attentions for some people and for not … “At this point, the competitor turns directly to Alfonso Signorini:” With all the affection, Alfonso you made me a promise … go a little f ***** o, thank you”.

gf vip insults gentlemen
Patrizia Rossetti (Twitter Credits)

Strong words, which did not go unnoticed, those of Patrizia. Will Alfonso Signorini decide to reply?