Alfonso Signorini: “A painful decision”, the conductor revealed a sad truth

Alfonso Signorini reveals a sad truth, the conductor of the GF Vip made it known in no uncertain terms: “A painful decision”

The countdown has now begun, and the big television returns on the small screen are now just around the corner. With the Weekly Chi, the landlord did not stop thanks to the juicy summer gossip. While the most followed reality show in history was on hiatus.

Alfonso Signorini, sad truth (Credits: Youtube)

But Alfonso Signorini has certainly given no respite, and has now put on a cast of competitors ready to take part in the new edition of Big Brother Vip. In fact, starting from September 19th, on Canale 5, the reality show will make its sensational return. And the competitors will be ready to remain under the watchful eye of the cameras for some time. If from a public and professional point of view, we know how busy the journalist and TV presenter has been, less is known about his private life. In fact, unless it is he who tells and opens up a little more about his private life, Alfonso Signorini he maintains strict confidentiality about his personal life. But just before the big return to the small screen, in an interview with Corriere della Sera, the well-known presenter unveiled one sad truth that we never expected!

Alfonso Signorini: “A painful decision”, what the conductor said

He has always maintained a great reserve about his private and sentimental life. Little was known, let’s say the essential. But now, in an interview with Corriere della Sera, Alfonso Signorini has made official the end of his relationship with his partner Paolo Galimberti. A relationship that seemed to have very solid roots that lasted 18 years. But now it has come to an epilogue, and between the two it’s over. It was the TV presenter who revealed it.

alfonso signorini truth
Alfonso Signorini, sad truth (Credits: Youtube)

After 18 years we are no longer together. A painful but necessary decision“, Told Alfonso Signorini who thus admitted that he had put a stop to his love story that lasted 18 years. A due decision, said the conductor who then explained: “When the relationship drags on so as not to displease the other, it is better to quit. I will always love him“.

But although the host has made the end of his historic relationship official, it would seem that he is busy or that his heart is already beating for someone else. He just made it known: “On paper I am single, but I am very much in love. Do you know when you can’t wait to get a message and look at your phone a hundred times?

But as we know, due to his strict confidentiality, the TV presenter also this time wanted to keep the thing private. Who knows, however, that later the journalist decides to reveal something more.