Alfonso Signorini is fed up: so he invited one of his readers to stop buying ‘Chi’

Alfonso Signorini is fed up: so he invited one of his readers to stop buying ‘Chi’; what happened.

Missing less and less to the return of the GF Vip. The Canale 5 reality show is ready to return to the air with the seventh edition, starting on Monday 19 September 2022, in prime time. At the helm of the transmission, for the third consecutive time, there will be Alfonso Signorini.

Alfonso Signorini (Credits Mediaset Infinity)

Signorini who, as we all know, as well as a beloved TV personality, is an illustrious journalist and director of the weekly magazine Chi. And some of the images published in last week’s issue of Chi did not appeal to a reader, who wanted to express her dissent through a letter sent to the director himself of the newspaper. Alfonso Signorini’s response was not long in coming; following his words.

Alfonso Signorini, the reply on Chi: “I would be very happy to have lost a reader”

Among the services published in the number of Chi on newsstands last week is the one dedicated to Alessandro Cecchi Paone and his new love. The science communicator was, in fact, immortalized during a boat trip on the Amalfi Coast, in the company of Simone, her new 26-year-old boyfriend. The couple appears in intimate attitudes, intent on kissing and hugging. Romantic images that have bothered someone.

A reader of Chi, Marina, wrote expressed her unwillingness through a letter addressed to Signorini. “The report on Alessandro Cecchi Paone has exceeded all limits of good taste and, if it is true that everyone can have their own tastes, it does not seem appropriate to flaunt them in this way ”, were the words of the reader, who was keen to point out that she will no longer buy the weekly. A strong protest, that of the reader, to which the director replied with an equally decisive reply.

After having apologized to her for having offended her sensitivity, Alfonso Signorini explains: “In all frankness, the images do not seem to me, as you suggest, in bad taste. Simply told the enthusiasm of a passion and a feeling that binds two men. If that were the real problem for herI’d be happy to have lost a reader “. This is the response from the director’s applause. This was also followed by that of Cecchi Paone, who responded to accusations that he had shown himself publicly in intimate attitudes.

alfonso signorini reader
Signorini on Instagram (Instagram Credits)

The journalist, interviewed by, underlined the fact that, at that moment, he was on his boat and not “in public”: “I am also willing to negotiate a position of mutual understanding, I do not provoke if I am faced with people who have problems of political or religious background, but cannot be forced to hide in the cabin on my boat. We were just kissing ”.