Alfonso Signorini will have a very important role but the GF Vip has nothing to do with it

Alfonso Signorini will have a very important role but has nothing to do with the GF Vip: what is it about.

Alfonso Signorini is back at the helm of Big Brother Vip. The seventh edition started on Monday 19 September. Alongside the conductor in the role of commentators are Sonia Bruganelli and Orietta Berti. The singer, as he himself declared live, was very courted and in the end he decided to accept.

Alfonso, GF Vip (credits: youtube) 4

There is something new, Giulia Salemi has her own role in the studio, with a workstation. It will keep us updated on what is written on the various social platforms. In the first episode we met a part of the cast, unveiled entirely in the second Thursday 22 September. There are many important names and someone, in these very few days, has already had the opportunity to open up.

Ginevra Lamborghini spoke about the relationship with her sister Elettra, telling unpublished facts. Antonino Spinalbese also returned to talk about her relationship with Belen Rodriguez. Alfonso this year wanted to play on the surprise effect and did not reveal the names of the competitors in advance. For the presenter, however, there is another important role to be completed and the GF Vip has nothing to do with it. Here’s what it will do very soon.

Alfonso Signorini will have to play a very very important role but it has nothing to do with the VIP GF

It seems that Alfonso Signorini has figured out how to make Big Brother Vip lead the public to have the curiosity to watch it. This is demonstrated by the ratings. The last two editions have had such a crazy following to decide then the extension. Why does this happen? There are various possibilities. This happens, for example, when unpublished or unexpected details of the private or professional life of competitors come to the surface. During the live show we try to understand how to deal with the theme in such a way as to give the protagonist the right space to talk and tell.

Viewers seem to be interested in what is happening. Of course, what happens during the week also sparks curiosity. If a dispute arises between competitors, those who follow him want to know the reasons and how it was resolved. Then the first preferences are formed and obviously the public tries to save the favorite from time to time. It seems that the conductor’s career is going faster and faster towards uphill roads but there is something, coming to the surface in these hours, which concerns Signorini and is far from the GF vip. Apparently it will soon have an important role to play: what is it about?

alfonso signorini gf vip
Alfonso Signorini, witness (credits: instagram)

Well, Signorini will be Francesca Cipriani’s wedding witness. The ex gieffina is ready to marry her boyfriend Alessandro Rossi. In an instagram story, a user asked for the name of her witness and she revealed it: it will be the conductor!