Alfredo Cospito, Palazzo Chigi: “The State does not come to terms with those who threaten”

“Institutions not intimidated by actions” such as attacks on diplomatic offices, street violence, threats to judges and a bullet in an envelope for director Tirreno

“The state does not come to terms with those who threaten.” This is what he writes in a note from Palazzo Chigi. “The attacks carried out against our diplomacy in Athens, Barcelona and Berlin, as well as that of Turin, the violence in the streets in Rome and Trento, the bullets aimed at the director of the Tirreno and at the attorney general Francesco Saluzzo, the Molotov cocktail against a police station Police: actions of this kind will not intimidate the institutions, especially if the goal is to loosen the harsher prison regime for those responsible for terrorist acts”.

According to Adnkronos, the riots caused yesterday in Rome by anarchists will be the focus of a meeting of the anti-terrorism strategic analysis committee this week.

THE ENVELOPE WITH THE BULLET – An envelope containing a bullet and threats to the magistrates with references to the judicial affair of the anarchist Alfredo Cospito was delivered to the director of the newspaper ‘Il Tirreno’, Luciano Tancredi. In addition to the bullet, inside was also a squared sheet of paper in which a message written in block letters was written: “If Alfredo Cospito dies, the judges are all objective. Two months without food. Fire in the prisons”. The message also bore the signature, a capital ‘A’.

The bullet, the envelope and the letter were seized by the Livorno police who have opened an investigation to reconstruct the origin of the message. The news was released today by the newspaper. The letter arrived yesterday in a yellow envelope sent with a postage stamp to the Livorno headquarters of the ‘Tirreno’.

PLANTED – “I express my solidarity with the women and men in uniform who with great professionalism and a spirit of sacrifice face, even in these days and hours, the demonstrations of those who imagine using threats and violence as a method of conditioning institutions “. This was stated by Interior Minister Matteo Piantedosi in relation to the unrest in Rome by anarchist groups. “My closeness goes to the police operators who were injured and in particular to the inspector of the State Police who was hit on the head and was treated with numerous stitches”, reads a note. Piantedosi adds: “The State will never allow itself to be intimidated and influenced by these completely unacceptable actions, in the belief that no claim or proposal can be taken into consideration if it is carried forward with recourse to these methods, even more so if directed against the forces of ‘order”.

“The minister follows the episodes of recent days in constant contact with the Chief of Police – concludes the note – and will carry out an examination of them during the week in a meeting with the top management and experts of the security apparatuses”.

TAJANI – “We are certainly concerned, but we have reacted from the beginning”. This is what Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani said, speaking to Mezz’ora in più of the attacks on our diplomatic offices in Barcelona and Berlin attributed to anarchists. “The carabinieri are strengthening security in all our embassies,” he explains.

The minister’s reassurance came after a decision had already been made in recent days, before the latest attacks, to raise the levels of security around all our diplomatic offices in Spain and Germany.