Alfredo Cospito, the defense: “fixed life sentence unconstitutional”

Thus the lawyer Flavio Rossi Albertini in the hearing before the Constitutional Court. State Attorney: “No extenuating circumstances, they would also create vulnerabilities on the mafia”. The anarchist has “lost the ability to walk and 50 kilos”

“The fixed sentence of life imprisonment is unconstitutional because it does not allow the sentence to be parameterized to the fact”. said thelawyer Flavio Rossi Albertini, defender of the anarchist
Alfredo Cospito, in a hearing before the Constitutional Court, called to express his opinion on the possibility of recognizing the extenuating circumstances that Cospito could benefit from in the trial on the 2006 attack on the barracks of the Allievi Carabinieri in Fossano, in the Cuneo area. A question posed by the Court of Assizes of Appeal of Turin which sent the documents to the Consulta. “The acknowledgment of extenuating circumstances due to a minor extent of the fact in relation to the crime of massacre for political purposes as contested against Alfredo Cospito would lead to a vulnerability because it could pave the way for the acknowledgment of a minor entity also for other crimes of abstract danger, such as the association mafia”, what was instead stated by thestate attorney, Paola Zermanwho with his colleague Ettore Figliolia represented the Presidency of the Council of Ministers at the hearing.

“The basic misunderstanding is that where there are no deaths the fact is considered minor, but article 285 punishes anyone who carries out attacks against the security of the state – added the state lawyer – The policy can be changed but always in a democratic way. An anarchist is someone who never acts in isolation because ideology is behind it. An anarchist believes that violence can win,” he concluded.

“LOST ABILITY TO WALK, LOST 50 KILLS” – “Tomorrow I will see him and I hope to know by then the decision of the Council so as to be able to have an interview also aimed at understanding what to do now”, said the lawyer Flavio Rossi Albertini after the hearing. “He hasn’t eaten like people do, with pasta, fish and meat, for 180 days – he added -. We never thought he’d make it to April 18th alive. But he has lost the ability to walk and 50 kilos of weight.”