Alicante summit, Cirielli: “Italy should lead the new policy for Africa”

Deputy Foreign Minister to Adnkronos: “We must become a privileged partner for Africa”

Tomorrow the spotlights of European politics will be focused on Alicante, in Spain, where the Italian premier Giorgia Meloni is expected for the Euro-Mediterranean Eu Med-9 summit: the energy and the effects of the conflict in Ukraine will be the ‘main dish’ of the summit but there will be an opportunity to discuss another hot topic such as immigration. “It will be a construction summit”, explains the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Edmondo Cirielli, a member of the Brothers of Italy, in an interview with Adnkronos. “After the ‘Med’ dialogue that we organized in Rome, the idea is to give a strong push to integration with Africa. The goal of our premier, accompanied by Foreign Minister Tajani, is to make Italy the leader of a new policy for Africaaimed at making that continent grow from an economic and cultural point of view”.

“We must become a privileged partner for Africa, which so far has been plundered of its raw materials without receiving anything in return by those who did it in the past: I am referring to the multinationals, and lately also to the expansionist ambitions of China and Russia. Instead we want to offer a fair exchange that is neither a paternalistic nor neo-colonialist nor imperialist policy”, underlines Cirielli in view of tomorrow’s summit. “Africa is unequivocally linked, as destiny, to Europe. Italy – remarked Tajani’s deputy at the Farnesina – being the advanced point of Europe in the Mediterranean, it must be the leader of this new policy for Africa” .

PRICE CAP – “Countries in the Mediterranean area such as Libya, Algeria and Egypt have always been large producers of energy. In addition to taking advantage of these resources, Italy can also be a hub for transport and processing throughout Europe. We already have it done with the Tap but we intend to work to ensure that Italy is a sorting and processing center for energy resources” says Cirielli.

Von der Leyen opens to the gas price cap? “We hope so: Europe must act united against speculation and speculators. Both for an ethical fact but also to guarantee the security of the Union from a strategic point of view, to defend our sovereignty. Russia is trying to speculate on this situation also as a collateral weapon of the war it is waging against Ukraine. Tomorrow, as we have a privileged market for confrontation and unity with Africa, in fact we won’t even need these systems (the price cap, ed.) which today are only a short-term response,” notes the Fdi exponent.

ITALY-FRANCE – Tomorrow in Alicante, on the occasion of the Euro-Mediterranean summit, the Italian premier Giorgia Meloni and the French president Emmanuel Macron will meet but sources from the Elysée let it be known that a bilateral agreement between the two is not planned and that the nodes with Italy are not they are still loose. After the recent tensions over migrants, what is the state of relations with the transalpines? “After the initial tensions, relations normalized, both thanks to the intervention of the President of the Republic Mattarella and thanks to Germany, which took action to moderate when it did not follow the French excesses following the misunderstanding that there was Given this, relations with France are essentially good regardless of the leaders of the moment and the governments that follow one another”, Edmondo Cirielli told Adnkronos.

“Moreover, in the last century, for 70 years we have been indissoluble allies with France in NATO, we are among the founding countries of the EU. Relations – underlines the exponent of the Brothers of Italy – go beyond the vicissitudes emotional and specific situations that can happen. The two peoples are deeply linked and no current government can change the common destiny we have with France”.

UKRAINE – Will the government continue to be united in its support, including military support, for Ukraine? “Fratelli d’Italia has demanded this attitude in the electoral pact. Our position is clear and linear in defense of international law and in respect of the NATO alliance to which Italy owes 70 years of peace and prosperity” Cirielli said.

“Italy – underlines Cirielli – is a peaceful and pacifist nation and cannot tolerate war becoming the instrument for resolving international disputes. A victory for Russia would encourage other dictatorships to resolve their own issues using force. And this we do not we can allow it. Just think of dictatorships of the caliber of Iran, which kill their children just because they protest. We also stand by Ukraine to ensure that our children and grandchildren live in a world where there is no war to determine the relations between States”.

“No one – insists Tajani’s deputy at the foreign ministry – can change this line. We move with NATO and the EU and together with them we will determine our political line. No allies in the moment can change this, otherwise we go home. But I have no reason to believe it: the others also know what kind of Giorgia Meloni is, who has only one word. Tajani thinks exactly with Meloni. The League? He may have used different tones during the electoral campaign but the substance is the same. Everyone we want peace but everyone knows that peace is in the hands of Russia. Moscow is not being bombed but Kiev is being bombed”, concludes Cirielli.