Alice & Peter, Luci Spente sul Palco illuminate the melancholy of the heart: the video

“Lights out on stage” is the single from Alice & Peter (project designed by me, Gianni Venturi, with Chiara Brighenti, Margherita Parenti, Marika Pontegavelli), which accompanies the release of the album “Love is a grace” (PMS Studio – BMRG editions), an album that tells of love, the indispensable love that is hidden inside every work, the love that it is energy, total love. Everything comes from my collection of poems “Love is a grace”, the same Alice & Peter project, after much experimentation both with the band Thotemic Altar both with Moloch and other solo projects, it arises precisely from the desire to write about love. Even if the fear of trivializing a path was great, I thought that love cannot be trivial, it is the most complex thing there is! Sometimes it is directed towards the partner or the partner, other children, or animals, it does not matter, love feeds on itself. Giving or receiving it is not as important as its very existence: all creation is an act of love. Poets, singers, writers have treated it, with sublime verses, what could I ever say again, then? I wondered, it’s true, but the truth is that every love is a new journey towards the absolute, a kiss is never the same as another kiss. Love is a cure, if only for an instant the whole world loved each other it would radically change the destiny of humanity: love is a grace!

The single “Lights out on stage“Saw the light in a melancholy evening, in the rehearsal room: while I was reciting the text Marika touched the piano, Chiara touched the strings, then Margherita … from poetry it turned into a song that narrates melancholy, the end of the tango and the arms of a woman in search of love and attention, dancing and hugging herself. Then the passage of time, when as an old man you think about the presence, the kisses not given and all the lost love, like the tango that you can no longer dance … I wanted to play with the band with jazz, tango and, why not, a little bit of pop. A mood that the video visually represents with great emotional strength: the absence and the felt presence, the passing of the years, the loneliness and the memory of the happy years of the dance hall; thus tells the end of love as if it were the end of the tango, the lights go out and the lonely melancholy returns, she dancing alone wrapped in her own arms. The little things, narrated by Eugenio Squarciadirector, appear as solemn gestures: the video opens with soft and serene memories, then the loneliness of old age with the search or feeling a presence, a sort of dreamlike ghost.

I devour empty days, I dream of an infinite tango, but the lights have gone out in the room …