Alien civilizations, tunnels and rocket tourism: Elon Musk’s visionary future

His vision of the future among super-fast rockets that could allow you to move from one part of the planet to another in 45 minutes, underground tunnels that could stem the problem of traffic in the world and alien civilizations. These are some of the issues touched upon by the richest man in the world, Elon Musk, in a meeting, held remotely, on the sidelines of the G20 in Bali (THE PROGRAM), a forum that will bring together the 20 most advanced economies in the world.

The vision of the future

“In the long run, it makes sense to have launch pads all over the world: they will allow you to travel from one end of the planet to the other in less than 45 minutes and to most destinations in 20 minutes,” explained Musk, from also little owner of Twitter. As for traffic congestion and pollution generated by road transport, for the South African entrepreneur “the only solution in many cases are tunnels”. Flying cars, he said, run into “too many problems” like noise and wind, and “are not ideal for safety” as “they can even fall on your head.” Instead, according to Musk’s vision, tunnels for the transit of electrified vehicles can “solve many of these problems”.

The discovery of alien civilizations

Both “tourist” rockets and electric vehicle transport tunnels are technologies developed by some of its companies, namely SpaceX and Boring. And precisely speaking of the first, Musk then spoke of the “exciting future” that the company aspires to, also through the development of space shuttles that could make humanity “a multiplanetary species”. It is possible, he stressed again, that “we will find alien civilizations or we will discover civilizations that existed millions of years ago. I think it would be incredibly interesting, to go out there and explore the galaxy ”.