Alien, Ridley Scott previewed the new film in the saga: previews

The legendary director Ridley Scott is showing some interest in the next film Alien. At least this is what the director of the science fiction film due out in 2024, Fede Álvarez, says. Scott is the producer of this film, so it was really vital for Álvarez to get the green light from him…
“Even if he hadn’t asked, I still would have gone there and sat at a table to look him in the eyes and understand. Even if he said ‘You destroyed my legacy,’ I wanted to be in front of him and look him in the eyes. I didn’t want to get an email saying ‘Ridley says…'” Fede Álvarez said.

Ridley Scott is now used to seeing new talents insert themselves into the sagas he created: it happened with Blade Runner 2049 by Denis Villeneuve, a film that Scott recently said he regretted not directing himself.
Ridley Scott is now 85 years old, however he is still a very active filmmaker. His highly anticipated films will arrive soon Napoleon And Gladiator 2. Despite his busy schedule, she found a space to watch Álvarez’s next film which continues one of his famous sagas.
As reported by the American magazine VarietyÁlvarez spoke about the feedback he received while speaking with Guillermo del Toro at the 2023 DGA Latino Summit.
Ridley Scott, as we were saying, is one of the main producers of Álvarez’s film (a film that the source of Variety defines “allegedly” entitled Alien: Romulus).

Fede Álvarez is no stranger to continuing the legacy of already established cinematic universes

It is certainly not the first time that Álvarez fits into already consolidated cinematic universes, given that we are talking about the director who directed the reboot of evil Dead in 2013.
Álvarez sent to the foster father of Alien his editing, an experience he described as “incredibly tense”.
But – spoiler – fortunately, this story has a happy ending…

The enthusiastic words of Ridley Scott

“Everyone warned me that Ridley is really strict… Especially when it comes to his films,” Álvarez said. “And then he walked into the room and said, ‘Fede, what can I say? This is f***ing amazing,'” Álvarez added over the moon.
“My family knows that it was one of the best things in my life that a master like him, who I admired so much, watched a film I made, and above all talked to me for an hour about what he liked. One of the nicest compliments he gave was: ‘The dialogue is fantastic. Are you the screenwriter?’ ‘Yes!’” reports Fede Álvarez.

For now around this new film by Alien there is so much mystery. We know very little, namely that the film features an ensemble cast led by Cailee Spaeny (Priscilla) and that the plot takes place on a distant planet. Its release is scheduled for August 16, 2024.