Alien, the filming of the new film in the saga has ended

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The filming of the new film in the saga of Aliens they ended.
Uruguayan director Fede Álvarez has confirmed that production has finished on the next chapter in the series, Alien: Romulusproduced by Ridley Scott.

Álvarez celebrated the end of principal photography on the latest installment of the franchise with a “celebratory event”.
The director took to Instagram to reveal the end of filming for the film, being immortalized sitting outside his trailer holding a celebratory cigar, which has always been a symbol of great occasions (you can watch the shot at the bottom of this article).

Álvarez, whose film credits include The Girl in the Spider’s Web, Don’t Breathe and Evil Dead, is making its debut in the iconic sci-fi horror franchise, Aliens. The film will be her fourth feature film.

The film is produced by Ridley Scott

20th Century Studios is financing the film, produced by renowned director Ridley Scott, creator of the franchise Aliens together with Michael Pruss.

Hulu confirmed in March 2022 that Álvarez was on board the project, indeed at the helm (to remain within the context of navigation metaphors): in fact, he is the captain, the one who directs the film in short…

A film that is not related to the previous ones

Sources close to the project have said the film is unrelated to the franchise’s previous films. According to what has been disclosed of the plot so far, the film will focus on a group of survivors in a remote colony. They must fight to survive, with the alien who is on the hunt and who wants them as prey.

A brief synopsis for the film states, “In a distant colony, the group find themselves fighting for their lives with the titular alien.” This description therefore reveals that this new act of the epic will also remain faithful to the formula of the franchise Aliens.

The production of the new film by Aliens

Alien: Romulus is co-written by Rodo Sayagues and Álvarez.

The film will feature a much younger cast than that of the original film and early sequels. The last chapter of Aliens will in fact see how you play Cailey Spaeny (Priscilla, The Craft: Legacy), David Johnson (Industry, Rye Lane), Archie Renaux (Shadow and Bone), Isabella Merced (Sicario: Day of Soldado), Aileen Wu (Closing Doors, Fish Tank) and Spike Fearn (Tell Me Everything).

An updated version of the aliens known as Facehuggers

The latest movie by Aliens by Álvarez will also show an updated version of the aliens known as Facehuggers. Parasitic life forms will hatch from Xenomorph eggs and serve as the second stage of the alien life cycle. Their only function is to implant other life forms with alien embryos.

Álvarez had tweeted an image of crawling Facehuggers wrapped around a clapperboard that read “Happy Alien Day.” This is the fan-created celebration day, which references the first two films in the series Aliens set on a planetoid known as LV-426. April 26 is therefore Alien Day, given that four is precisely the number of the month of April, and in America the dates show the month before the day.
So the day of Álvarez’s tweet, i.e. last April 26, fell precisely on the so-called Alien Day.

Below we show the photo shared by director Fede Álvarez on Instagram to celebrate the end of filming Alien: Romulus.