Alis Ray, opening up to possibilities means “Change Now”: the video

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I’m Annalisa, a singer-songwriter from Parma who has been living in Milan for several years now. I am a curious and passionate person about life, since I was a child I asked myself deep questions about our existence and why we are here, and this is precisely the central theme of all my songs, I speak of topics that unite us, but to which we do not always we pay attention because we are caught up in the whirlwind of things to do. Music and singing are the tools that I feel are right for me, to express myself and manifest myself as I want to be, manifesting valuable contents that can be useful for those who listen to them. I think we all intimately want to do something “good” for ourselves, for our life and for others and this is how the song “Change Now” was born.

The song was born from the desire to share with others the discoveries I made in the process of self-awareness in the International School of Self Awareness, a school that allowed me to begin to know myself and gave me the tools to start directing my life. The statement is clear and strong: “Change Now!” yes, you who listen or read this article know that you can change and you can do it now! The song talks about the possible change for all of us, which starts from recognizing our limits to go further through the tool of prefiguration, a potential ability that resides in our mind, but which we need to learn to use to start implementing the desired change .

Change starts from within us, and then manifests itself outside, instead since we were born they teach us that we will be happy when we get that job, when we settle down economically, when we have the perfect partner or partner. Many times I tried to change something, but in reality I was in an illusion of a circular loop, like when the dog chasing its tail and I always found myself at the same starting point. This is why the song invites us not to procrastinate but to welcome this possibility by trying to put this technique into practice by going beyond the denial that inside us says that things will change over time or that maybe they will never change because they are just like this. It all starts when you open up to the possibility.