Alison Solís, the daughter of Marco Antonio Solís, raised the temperature in microtop

the singer-songwriter Marco Antonio Solis is immersed in his international tour “El Buki World Tour 2023” and these days he will perform at Amalie Arena and FLA Live Arena, in Florida. The concerts will continue at the end of April at the Plaza de Toros Calafia (Mexicali) and at the Cruise Terminal (Ensenada).

Marco Antonio Solis posing. Source: Instagram @marcoantoniosolis_oficial

The interpreter of “Cuando te acuerde de mí” will offer the best of his repertoire and will include the iconic songs that marked the beginning of his career with “Los Bukis”. So, Marco Antonio Solis he will meet again with his faithful followers and feed back that unconditional affection that has been professed for more than 50 years.

Marco Antonio Solís on tour. Source: Instagram @marcoantoniosolis_oficial

With more than 2.9 million fans following him on instagram, “El Buki” pampers them with postcards of the shows he offers and some tickets for the events and family gatherings he performs. This is where Cristy Solís, his wife, and his daughters Beatriz, Marla and Alison come into play, who have inherited their love for music and their father’s talent for expressing themselves with their own style.

Alison Solís’s post on Instagram

Alison Solis She is the eldest daughter of the marriage of Marco Antonio Solís and the Cuban model Cristy Solís. The young woman is 24 years old and has managed to make her way in the musical environment with songs that touch on specific themes and are closely linked to the most intimate fibers of human beings.

In their social networks it is also imposed. In instagram It has more than 196 thousand followers who react to each of its publications and fill it with compliments. Alison Solís recently shared a video with which she raised the temperature of the screens by wearing a black microtop. “I love your look”, “You are unique”, “How beautiful”, “The most beautiful” and “Pretty and pure talent”, were some of the comments that her fans left after her post.