All crazy about Black Friday, here are the 4 secrets of Aruba

Speed, security, digital marketing and super-performing e-commerce prices. 72% of Italians will make purchases and spending will grow by 10% compared to 2020.

Speed, security, digital marketing, prices. These are the 4 “key and essential elements”, the four ‘secrets’ identified by Aruba to organize a super-performing e-commerce in view of the frenzy of Black Friday. The largest Italian cloud provider today launched a sort of guide in view of the most awaited moment of online commerce and those who own an e-shop know well that “the last quarter of the year is the most profitable period for commerce and for online sales “states Aruba. So much so that this certainty now generates turmoil in e-shoppers all over Italy, who see their own increases in turnover strongly linked to Black Friday but also to Cyber ​​Monday and Christmas: the 3 main events that convey consumer purchases in the last months of the year.

And to testify it Aruba indicates the new Simon-Kucher study, the world’s leading consulting firm for pricing strategies, according to which 72% of Italians will take part in Black Friday with
an expense average of about 213 euros, up 10% compared to 2020. Furthermore, according to Simon-Kucher’s analysis, electronics remain at the center of the scene with 64% of consumers who will buy in this sector and also small appliances (50%) and the fashion sector (41%) will confirm pillars no less. But how to be ready to please the many Internet users about to shop online in this period? Starting with the element of speed, the Aruba experts point out that no one likes to wait too long for an internet page to load, and at no time of the year, let alone during Black Friday where timing is everything. According to a study by Deloitte for Google, even a millisecond less in page load times makes the difference, resulting in an increase in Retail conversions of 8.4% and the average order value of 9.2%.

To ensure then a faster site some Aruba ecommerce hosting plans include ‘HiSpeed ​​Cache’, a new dynamic caching system that allows you to significantly speed up the loading of the pages of a website. Regarding security, for Aruba experts it is also essential to select a hosting service that provides an SSL Dv certificate – essential for the encrypted transmission of information – and the functions related to backups and cart monitoring in order not to lose customer data and orders. . Furthermore, digital marketing and careful pricing are the other two ‘secrets’ not to be overlooked for a good Black Friday.