All crazy about Lives at the Limit, but where can you see it?

Vite al Limite is one of those programs that boasts of a truly absolute success, but are you curious to know where you can see it? Many would have asked you.

It aired for the first time ever back in 2013. And, since then, it has never stopped. Now in its ninth edition, Vite al Limite represents one of those programs that not only boasts of a truly sensational success, but which one cannot do without. In short, one episode leads to another!

Vite al Limite, where is it possible to see it? Photo Source: Youtube

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Edition after edition and episode after episode, Vite al Limite tells the stories of seriously obese people who, having reached excessive weight and sometimes even poor living conditions, decide to get back in shape. And to ask Dr. Nowzaradan, king of bariatric surgery, for help. To date, the program has reached its ninth edition. And even now it continues to collect a truly impressive following. In fact, its viewers not only closely follow the stories of each of the patients at the Houston clinic, but they also grow fond of them. You have never followed one of his episodes and our words have intrigued you so much that now you don’t want to know anything else where can you see it? We think about it immediately!

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Where to see the episodes of Vite al Limite?

If our words have intrigued you enough and you are curious to see Lives on the Limit, you are in the right article. Precisely below, in fact, we will explain in detail how it is possible, if you are not practical, to see an episode of the Vite al Limite program.

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From what we learn, it would seem that Vite al Limite will be free to air in prime time every Thursday night on Real Time. In fact, starting at 21:25, a new episode of the ninth season will be broadcast. But that’s not all. If you want to do a full immersion of the broadcast, there is the possibility to see all the episodes, starting from the first up to the last edition, on Discovery Plus. instead, they will be totally free. In any case, however, you will have all the stories that have been told during these nine editions.

lives on the edge where to see it
Photo Source: Youtube

What are you waiting for? Run now: Vite al Limite is waiting for you.