All Freud’s fault arrives on Channel 5: plot, episodes, streaming, cast and where it was filmed

The television series All Freud’s fault is coming to Canale 5: let’s find out the plot, the episodes, the cast, where to watch it stream again and where it was filmed.

All Freud’s fault is the new series coming up on Channel 5 based on the director’s film of the same name Paolo Genovese. This new fiction Mediaset which is an auteur comedy will resume the story of a psychologist father struggling with the dynamics of life.

All Fault of Freud the series: cast, location, plot, streaming and episodes (Source Instagram

The appointment with the series will be on Wednesday in prime time, a time slot that has seen other very popular and loved fictions such as Light of your eyes And Story of a decent family. The start of the new series will start on Wednesday 1st December. Are you curious to know what the re-adaptation of this story will be like from the big to the small screen? Let’s find out the plot of Freud’s all fault, the episodes, where to see them in streaming, the cast and the location.

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Plot and cast of fiction

As already mentioned, the series will resume the story of the homonymous film by Paolo Genovese, but this time the director will be there Rolando Ravello, while Genovese took care of the writing together with some colleagues. The plot revolves around the psychologist Francesco Taramelli, played by the mythical Claudio Bisio. This psychologist is also a single father with three very special daughters, who have left their father’s home to live their own lives.

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The daughters are three: Will be, played by Caterina Shulha. Her character is about to get married but soon the young girl will realize the step she is about to take. The other two daughters are Marta And Emma, respectively interpreted by Marta Gastini And Demetra Bellina. The routine of this particular family will be upset by an anxiety problem from the psychologist himself, who will need the support of all his daughters. The talented actress Claudia Pandolfi will take on the role of Anna, a doctor who will help our protagonist. There will also be the mythical Max Tortora, which will give voice to Matteo, the closest friend to the psychoanalyst.

All Freud's fault
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All Freud’s fault: episodes, streaming and locations

The episodes that will keep us company for this end of 2021 seem to be 8, broadcast two by two, therefore for 4 first evenings. The end of the first season should be December 22, 2021. The episodes can be watched in streaming from the comfort of the site MediasetPlay. Alternatively, if you own Amazon Prime Video, the episodes are already available from February 2021. As for the location, we know that the series is set in Milan, where the protagonists live, but some shots were also made in Rome.

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We can’t wait to see this new series every Wednesday in prime time on Channel 5.