All the fans in serious apprehension: the singer was operated on urgently

All the fans in serious apprehension: the singer was operated on urgently; what happened and how is it.

A forced stop for one of the most loved singers of the moment, who had to cancel some of his concerts due to a health problem. It was he who revealed it, posting a shot in the hospital, about to undergo a delicate one surgery.

Famous singer (Instagram Credits)

With your prayers and your energy everything will certainly be fine ”, wrote the singer a few days ago on social media, before undergoing the operation. An operation that had become necessary, due to the severe pain. Let’s find out what happened and how the famous artist is doing.

The famous singer underwent an emergency operation: the shot in the hospital

Bad unexpected for one of the most famous and appreciated singers of the moment, forced to hospitalize for an emergency operation. Let’s talk about Maluma, who, a few days ago, communicated to his many fans what happened to him. The 28 year old, whose real name is Juan Luis Londono Arias, he was operated on his kneeagain.

Yes, because already in 2019, the Colombian star resorted to surgery due to a fracture of the same knee. From what we learn, during the first intervention some biodegradable vines, but one of them broke off, starting to move inside the knee. This caused tremendous pain to the star, who had gotten to the point of he couldn’t even walk. Fortunately, however, everything went well: the operation a few days ago went well and Maluma reassured the fans of her. Fans who, inevitably, had greeted with great concern the news of the upcoming operation and, as requested by their favorite, they sent all their energy to Maluma so that everything went well.

“Lame but with flow”, he wrote in the caption of the last video shared on social networks. A video in which she shows herself standing, with crutch and bandages that wrap around the operated leg. Despite the convalescence, Maluma does not give up dancing and can not wait to return to the stage, in the midst of her audience.

Alongside the Colombian singer, in these days of rest, there is his better half, with whom he has come out in the open for a few months. This is di Susana Gomez, architect, also originally from Medellin like him. The girl, owner of an Interior Design company, is foreign to the world of entertainment and very reserved: very little is known about her, but it seems that the two have known each other for some time.

singer operated urgently
Maluma in the hospital (Instagram Credits)

We just have to send our best wishes to Maluma, with the hope of seeing him soon on stage, to continue his Papi Juancho Maluma World Tour.