All we have left is the crime, the backstage special on the Sky TV series. VIDEO

On 1 December it arrives exclusively on Sky and streaming only on Now All We Have Left is the Crime – The Series, the new Sky Original series, a Sky Studios and Italian International Film production produced by Fulvio, Federica and Paola Lucisano, with the same protagonists of the trilogy Marco Giallini, Gian Marco Tognazzi, Giampaolo Morelli and Massimiliano Bruno, the latter again behind the camera this time supported by Alessio Maria Federici. They are joined, among others, by Maurizio Lastrico with a completely new role, that of Duccio Casati, a rich bourgeois with progressive ideas who has taken the cause of the students’ movement to heart.

Trip to the 70s

After the cinematic journey back in time to the 80s, in which the Banda della Magliana thrived in Rome, and then to the fascist Italy of the 40s, the new Sky Original series begins immediately after the events of the last film and will transport the very close-knit band of protagonists to the 70s, between the environments of the youth left and student protests and those of the subversive right of the Borghese Coup.


To welcome the Series, Sky produced a quarter-hour special in which the directors and main actors talk behind the scenes. “There is no science fiction, I don’t see all this absurdity in time travel, I see it as very real – begins Gian Marco Tognazzi at the opening of the video that you can see at the head of this article -. Many will laugh but we will talk about it in two or three years. So they put me with the crazies together with Red Ronnie, who is a friend of mine, by the way.”


Massimiliano Bruno explains how the series, which goes back to the 70s, is intertwined with his memories linked to Italy-Germany 4-3: “My father tells me that I jumped in the cradle at every goal”, he says, explaining that that scene is also a small dedication to his father. Against the backdrop of the workers’ struggle and student protest, the series delves into the past and origins of characters such as Moreno (Marco Giallini) and Giuseppe (Gian Marco Tognazzi), and gives a different depth to that of Claudio (Giampaolo Morelli).


Alessio Maria Federici quotes Togliatti when he says that “history is the only key to understanding the future” and reminds us how important it is not to forget it. So it happens that the protagonists suddenly find themselves stuck in the Borghese coup, ending up creating a dystopian future in which Italy returns to a fascist dictatorship which they are forced to remedy.

The special also tells the story of the relationships between the actors and the crew on the set, the climate of friendship and fun that was created, the jokes and the personalities of the various protagonists. If you are curious, you can find the video at the head of this article.