‘All you need is Love’ is released, new album by Solis String Quartet & Sarah Jane Morris

It is available on all streaming platforms “All You Need is Love”, the new album by Solis String Quartet & Sarah Jane Morris published by the record label Irma Records, which will be presented live at the Blue Note in Milan tonight in double set at 20.30 and 23.00. To give new life to the Beatles’ music through modern, fresh arrangements, aimed at reviving the sound but always nourishing a deep respect for the original. “All You Need is Love” is the new album signed by Solis String Quartet & Sarah Jane Morris, an eclectic and eclectic string quartet consisting of Vincenzo Di Donna (violin), Luigi De Maio (violin), Gerardo Morrone (viola) and Antonio Di Francia (cello, guitar and arrangements), a formation enhanced by the presence of singer Sarah Jane Morris.

Anticipated by the singles “All You Need is Love” and “Come Together”, this album consists of eleven songs (re) read with a mood with a unifying spirit that embraces stylistic influences deriving from chamber music, funk, jazz and more. The Beatles songs, the most famous ones, have for many years been considered standards that many musicians of different backgrounds and vocations have revisited, transcribed and reinterpreted with variations of any kind. In these cases there is a double risk: on the one hand you can give in to the temptation to “surrender” to the cover instead of a practically certain approval thanks to the Lennon-McCartney couple, on the other you could run into operations to say the least unrealistic who, to seek originality at any cost, move away (almost) entirely from the Beatlesian mood.

Scientifically conceived halfway between these two solutions and very far from any “integralist threat”, the project conceived by Solis String Quartet with Sarah Jane Morris stands out for the credibility of the assumptions and satisfaction in the results, respecting the strength of the originals but, at the same time, with the physiological need to express something new and particularly interesting. Born from a theatrical track (the show “I Killed the Beatles” based on the morbid relationship that linked the murderer of John Lennon to the Fab Four), the album / concert “All You Need is Love” represents a rich mix based on music classical and pop, thanks to the reinterpretation of the Solis String Quartet that creates a very engaging sound and rhythmic mood, with very intriguing peculiarities, which turns its gaze towards jazz and blues especially for the soulful vocality of Sarah Jane Morris, whose amazing artistic figure excludes any possibility of passive “imitation”, focusing everything – on the contrary – on a story of extraordinary and exciting originality.

On this new recording project, the English singer declares: “The sublime musicality of the Solis String Quartet and their magical arrangements of the great songs of Lennon and McCartney have been a gift for me as a singer. Settled with absolute respect, our collaboration enhances the status classic of Beatles art and offers our audiences a sense of rediscovered musical treasures. ” The Solis String Quartet also explains the genesis and mood of the project: “The Beatles songs, still today, shine with an absolute pure light as only the best works of art can do. With the attention paid to masterpieces and with the ‘intent on recreating the right sound suggestion in each of the songs, our re-readings – strengthened by the sensitivity and expressive elegance that have always distinguished Sarah Jane Morris’ voice, offer the listener eleven musical portraits full of meaning and passion “.

The album cover was created by the well-known Scottish artist Mark Pulsford who wanted to rework, for the Solis String Quartet and Sarah Jane Morris, the work of Peter Blake for “Sargent Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” by the Beatles, probably the most known and iconic of all time, with the aim of giving an “Italian flavor” respecting the original idea. An ancient steel engraving of Leonardo’s “Last Supper” was the background. The Beatles themselves, in their “Sargent Pepper” sophistication, keep an eye on the proceedings from the back row. Bob Dylan is the only other survivor of Blake’s original. Pino Daniele and Maradona have fun joking together on one side, Janis Joplin and Bessie Smith have fun in the same way on the other. “We think a numbered guide (a” who’s who “) should be included as part of the package.”