Allegri and the Juve-Inter duel: “We are the guards, they are the thieves”

“If there is one in front, there is one behind chasing”

“Inter? The thieves run away and the guards chase them”. With a joke, Massimiliano Allegri summarizes the duel between league leaders Inter and his Juventus, who are chasing the Nerazzurri with a 2-point deficit. “If there is someone in front, there is someone behind who chases. It’s like the cops and robbers game”, says the Juventus coach to Dazn after the round victory against Sassuolo, defeated 3-0.

“It wasn’t an easy match, Sassulo had scored 4 goals in the first leg. Even here in Turin they were dangerous with Laurientè and Berardi, Szczesny made two good saves. Now we have 49 points but we must not stop, we must think until the next match in Lecce: we must continue to work in silence to improve”, he continues.

Vlahovic and Chiesa scored in attack. Baby Yildiz continues to enchant. “There are few like Yildiz: he has innate technical qualities and doesn’t make wrong choices, they are qualities that cannot be taught. He has them and he also has goals in his legs. He is very good but he is only 18 years old, it is normal that he has even moments of decline in the future. Juve in any case has 5 excellent attackers”, says Allegri.

Special mention for Vlahovic, who scores consistently: “He’s growing. The other evening in the Italian Cup against Frosinone he had a bad half hour, you know, I talked to him: he came in and wanted to destroy everything. It’s a sign of maturity that he still lacks. Tonight I told him: you have to remain calm and calm because you score goals. He played a more lucid, more serene match, he got less angry with the referee. Let’s not forget that he is young, he was born in 2000 and it still has room to grow a lot.”