Alluvione Marche, the parish priest of Ostra: “Dramatic situation, shoveling in houses invaded by mud”

“In these hours we are working to clean up the houses, invaded by mud on the first floor. An entire community is busy shoveling, there are citizens who have come from the surrounding areas to help us, but also many volunteers and rescuers. The situation here it is dramatic: there is no water “. This is what Don Giuseppe Giacani, parish priest of Santa Croce ad Ostra, the town in the Ancona hinterland, which in terms of human lives has paid the highest price following the flood that hit the Marche in the night, tells the Adnkronos. “We count four victims in the hamlet of Pianello. You know, here the families all know each other, it is an immense pain. From Arcevia and Serra de ‘Conti, the avalanche of water picked up speed and reached here: the victims are were hit without warning. One of them was sleeping “, underlines Don Giuseppe Giacani, describing the consequences of the flooding of the Misa and Nevola rivers.

“The most common sensation among people was and is impotence. But we must not be discouraged – exhorts the parish priest -, this is above all the moment to collaborate together, to make people feel closeness. It comforts the attention, the generosity of the people. who came to Ostra to lend a hand. On Sunday we will pray during mass “.
(by Sibilla Bertollini)